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1. Title:X-rays in Atomic and Nuclear Physics (Second edition)

Author: N. A. Dyson

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Wendy'sThoughts Review: 4.5 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Stars
* * * *1/2 Spoiler Free It's Live!!!
OMGoodness... This was a really wonderful read...and as my title suggested, our main character Amber... has serious touches of "Kimmy Schmidt". For those who may not know what this reference means... It is a show on Netflix about a woman who was isolated from the modern world and then is thrust out there and having to adapt and adjust to Everything...

Now that is not exactly what this is about...However, our main character A


Joseph Burgess Review: Rachel Cusk is obviously a writer of tremendous talent, and "Outline" doesn't hide her skills.

But I found this book to be lacking. The premise, on its face, is interesting: a series of conversations the narrator has with people she meets on her week in Athens that helps show the wide disparity of "outlines" and shapes of people's lives. It sounds existential and philosophical and hip and like half of all of the other novels that are coming out right now.

For the most part, the book executes its


Nickcole Review: Rating: 4

This was such a fun take on a Cinderella paranormal romance. I liked how the author kept true to the original story, but put her own fun touch on it. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.


Annie Review: Originally published on my blog: Nonstop Reader.

I grew up in an area with a large and vibrant Italian immigrant community. We had a lot of really good Italian restaurants, an annual Italian heritage festival, even an Italian language local radio station. I grew up, moved out of the area and found myself looking forward to trips back, so I could get my real Italian food fix.

Even though my own family are Irish (through and through), my closest friends were almost all Italian, and I grew up eati


Heather Review: I loved this book. While older, it hit all my favorite bits: strong, outspoken woman; hot men friends; a true hero as the hero; and, if a child must be part of the plot, make that child adorable. I feel like I've read the other books in this series, and while this can be a stand alone, I now feel an intense urge to find them and re-read them.


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