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1. Title:South-Western Federal Taxation 2013: Corporations, Partnerships, Estates and Trusts

Author: William H. Hoffman, William A. Raabe, James E. Smith, David M. Maloney

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Cengage Learning





Becky Review: When I picked up the first of the Kylara Vatta series at B&N, the clerk told me that he thought this series was vastly inferior to Moon's previous work. Needing an 'escapist' read, I ignored him and was glad I did.

I enjoyed this 5-book series much more than in previous Moon novels. They are a bit unrealistic/genius types, but it's a fun space opery read, following multiple characters/strands separately and then deftly weaving the stories back together.


Chris Review: Jan Römer und seine Kollegin Mütze stoßen auf einen neuen cold case. Zwanzig Jahre zuvor starb eine junge Frau am Wilzenberg, neben ihr eine Spieluhr, die "Hush, little baby" spielt. Mord, eindeutig, aber wer war der Mörder? Der ehemalige Freund hat ein bombensicheres Alibi. Aber dann ist da auch noch die Arbeitsstelle der jungen Frau, die heutzutage nicht mehr existiert. Römer und Mütze finden heraus, dass sie in einem Haus gearbeitet hat, in dem Männer ein und ausgingen, von denen manche nie w


Nataliya Review:
When people talk about the "special" feel of Russian literature, I tend to shrug it away as yet another point of confusion "Westerners" have with anything Slavic.

But when I tried to explain the feeling this book evoked in me to a few "Westerners" I startlingly realized that "it just *feels* so essentially Russian" may indeed be a valid description that encompasses the soul-searching ambiguity, the pursuit of deeper truths shrouded in light sadness, the frustrating but yet revealing lack of answ


Anthony Buckley Review: This book was written in 1908, when the world was being shaken by the newly self-confident masses. Women were propagandising for the vote; the Irish were demanding Home Rule; the Trade Unions were showing their strength. Socialism theatened. A spectre was haunting Europe, and particularly England.

Wind in the Willows is an elegant parable about class struggle, about the dangers of decadant country-house-living in the face of powerful revolutionary forces.

There are maybe four generations in the


Tina Review: This book moved kind of slowly. It was told from many different viewpoints, which was interesting since several times we got to hear the story from a minor character and even the antagonist, but this divergence from the traditional storytelling method of describing the events from one perspective and revealing the whys as the main character discovers them hardly worked to keep my interest. I cared much for Lanen, her new husband and (her soon to be) children, though, and had to find out what was


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