Биологические мембраны. Методы. (Biological membranes. A practical approach).pdf


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1. Title:Биологические мембраны. Методы. (Biological membranes. A practical approach)

Author: Эванз У.Г., Морре Д.Д., О'Брайтман Э., Санделиус А.С., Бейлез Э.М., Ричардсон П.Дж., Лузио Дж.П., Хиггинс Д.А., Джонс О.Т., Эрнест Ю.П., Мак-Нэми М.Дж., Финдлей Дж.Б., Башфорд К.Л., Шуберт Д., Сивапрасадарао А. Под редакцией Дж.Финдлея, У.Эванза. Перевод с английского Л.И.Барсукова, М.Л.Верховской и В.Д.Следя Под редакцией А.Д.Виноградова.

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Мир. Редакция литературы по биологии




Kim Review: Much too dependent on mythology and arbitrary author-determined symbolism for my taste. Also, would it kill you to use some punctuation? If I spend all my time trying to figure out where the commas and the semicolons go, I don't have any time to sift for meaning...or even a bit of crisp diction amid all the muddled language.


Anie Review: Tl;dr: If you like Black Widow, read this; except if you can't do sexism anymore, don't read this; TW for implications of sexual violence.

Literally an entire star knocked off for the cover. It's sexist and also really bad anatomy. Don't comic artists keep wooden mannequins around?

I'm torn on this volume, in the way that I usually am when men write women and attempt to write feminism. On the one hand, I love Natasha Romanova with the burning power of five thousand suns. On the other hand, at this


Paul Review: Most people probably don’t even consider where the milk comes from when they reach to get it from the fridge for their morning cuppa. When they do venture into the countryside, the may be vaguely aware of these black and white animals in the fields as they flash past in the car. It is only when they have left the climate controlled atmosphere that they realise quite how big they are. Sadly, modern factory farming sees them as machines to either pump milk from or to be dosed full of antibiotics t


Amber Robertson Review: THIS REVIEW IS ALSO ON MY BLOG

M I N I   R E V I E W
I tried to work out how to write this as a full-length review, however, I was stumped every time I went to start or tried to work out what I wanted to write; here I am doing a mini review which may become longer than anticipated.
The Nowhere Girls was a book that I was scared to read. I really didn’t know what was going to happen throughout. However, I am left in tears. I have tears rolling down my face, as I realise how many girls aren’t believe


Lene Norway Review: Comming up with a fresh plot in this genre can't be easy, but author Tara Wylde and author Holly Hart did just that. They have written a sweet, intriguing and seductive read filled with thrilling moments, hot steamy scenes, insta-atraction, suspens and humorous dialog.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book. And I enjoyed it immensely.


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