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1. Биологические мембраны. Методы. (Biological membranes. A practical approach) Эванз У.Г., Морре Д.Д., О'Брайтман Э., Санделиус А.С., Бейлез Э.М., Ричардсон П.Дж., Лузио Дж.П., Хиггинс Д.А., Джонс О.Т., Эрнест Ю.П., Мак-Нэми М.Дж., Финдлей Дж.Б., Башфорд К.Л., Шуберт Д., Сивапрасадарао А. Под редакцией Дж.Финдлея, У.Эванза. Перевод с английского Л.И.Барсукова, М.Л.Верховской и В.Д.Следя Под редакцией А.Д.Виноградова. djvu Мир. Редакция литературы по биологии 7234209 Russian 1990 [Download]


J.G. Keely Review: I read this book before I tried to tackle Pratchett on his own merit, so I may have to retroactively skew this review based upon what I now know. The book is enjoyable, but may suffer from the fact that it represents its two authors at what seems to be their most basic states.

There is no question as to the recognizability of both Gaiman's and Pratchett's respective styles here, but neither seems to add anything to the other. One of Gaiman's weaknesses is surely his general lack of humor. Anythin


mark monday Review: Dear Hunger Games,

I miss you. I really do. Our relationship is over and done with but the memory of you still lingers on. I know that's a terrible cliché - and you hate clichés - but it's a true one, at least in this case. I don't think I'll ever be over you. You are fucking special.

It took me some time, but I finally met a new girl. Her name is Divergent. She's quiet and strong and short-tempered and insular and brave... a lot like you, I suppose. But is she really? This is hard for me to admit


Ahmed Oraby Review: “لن أكتب حرفاً فيه
فالكلمة - إن تكتب - لا تكتب
من أجل الترفيه
والأوتوجراف الصامت تنهدل الكلمات عليه
تحيّيه، وتطرّز كل مثانيه!”


Alphas Do It Better Book Blog Review: 5 Stars (more would be given if I could!)

Bugs, a Jungle, a kidnapping and sexy Delta heroes...a recipe for a fantastic, can’t put it down, “I love these people” story.

I absolutely love the Delta guys but to see the camaraderie, especially between Blade and Beatle, is refreshing. These heroes are true brothers and I love the way Susan Stoker repeatedly proves this to us throughout the series. Of course the conditions in which Beatle and Casey meet are not conducive to love and romance, but there


Echo Review: To be perfectly candid, I originally downloaded this book because it was raining and the cover led me to believe it would be a light-hearted rom com set in sunny Italy.

However, what I ended up with was better than that. This story started off confusingly, but soon the main characters were in place and a mystery began to be uncovered, relationships developed and histories revealed. I found the whole thing enormously intriguing and couldn't put it down. I even got to luxuriate in the promised Ital


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