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1. Title:Getting started with IntelliJ IDEA

Author: Hudson Orsine Assumpção

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Packt Publishing




Edith Review: Another appropriating white author who doesn't understand that india is not a monolith. Trash.


Alejandro Review: Unexpected in many ways but still quite a ride!


Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will.

This book definitely wasn’t what I expected but then again it surprised me in many ways, and I also made me think, so clearly this wasn’t a journey without a return.

How well do we know the other people?

How well do we know our neighbors?

How well do we know our own close friends?

How well do we know our first crush?

I am not shocked if many readers wouldn’t enjoy this book, s


Katerina Review:
“You don't need wings to fly.”

What you truly need is words. And Amy Harmon's words resulted in a work of sheer beauty, that made your chest clench with yearning and your entire existence float, leaving behind every material attachment and concern.
The Bird and the Sword was a piece of a dream.

“Silence daughter, stay alive.”

Once upon a time, the Gifted walked freely in the country of Jeru. Healers, Tellers, Spinners, Changers, they were not afraid of using their gods-bestowed gifts. But so


Doug Review: "Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus" is the best book I've read this year. Author Lois Tverberg does an excellent job of taking her years of study of Judaism and applying it to Jesus. In this book she unveils layers of meaning behind many of Jesus' words. Passages that were once opaque in meaning I can now understand. The brilliance of Jesus is astounding to see...

I've never recommended a book for group study, however I think this book would be an excellent choice for groups choosing to study a


Alexandra Ott Review: This book is absolutely adorable! Vilonia Beebe completely stole my heart with her determination and spunk. Her voice is pitch-perfect, and all of the characters are so lovable and well-drawn. I read this in one sitting because I didn't want to put it down. An absolutely charming, heartwarming middle grade debut. Highly recommend!


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