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1. Title:Vacuum gas carburizing fate of hydrocarbons

Author: Rafi Ullah Khan

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Universitätsverl. Karlsruhe




Pamela Review: 2.5 stars Overall, this was just ok for me. I didn't really connect with the characters. They were so full of spite and hateful to each other and their respective grandkids. And one was a preacher! Then, wham! - all is forgiven! This also has some holes in it with timeline and so on that I hope gets fixed before it is actually published.

**Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.**


Jaylia3 Review: This is the third in Jasper Fforde’s YA series featuring Jennifer Strange, the competent 16-year-old running an agency of magicians in the Ununited Kingdom, a highly skewed alternate world UK. Jennifer’s the kind of girl who takes disasters in stride, which is fortunate because just as she is about to have her first date she and her young man have to alter their plans to act as bait for a crazed dinosaur-sized magical creature on a rampage, and almost immediately after they must embark on a ques


Sarah Review: As Super Tuesday approaches and we try to separate empty promises and strategic moves from real, actual thoughts and goals, I couldn’t have read a better book than Dreams From My Father.

Here’s why: even though I didn’t realize it when I picked it up, Obama wrote this book over ten years ago, when he was fresh out of law school and long before he was worrying about what people wanted to hear. It is, I think, a great way to “get to know” the candidate outside of the media, the hype, and the confus


Stephen Review: 6.0 stars. Confession...this book gave me an earth-shattering Janeaustegasm and I am feeling a bit spent and vulnerable at the moment, so please bear with me. You see, I decided I wanted to get more literated by reading the "classicals" in between my steady flow of science fiction, mystery and horror. The question was where to begin.

After sherlocking through my Easton Press collection, I started by pulling out my Dickens and reading A Tale of Two Cities which I thought was jaw-dropping AMAZO and


Mariah Review: I listened to this on overdrive and it was only about 15 minutes long, but the information that was shared was really nice. I enjoyed listening to this short story :)


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