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1. Title:Fortschritte der Hochpolymeren-Forschung

Author: G. Henrici-Olivé, S. Olivé (auth.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg





María Alcaide Review: 4.5*s Full review to come soon


peiman-mir5 rezakhani Review: دوستانِ گرانقدر، پیش از همه چیز باید بگویم، بنظرم این داستان یک نکتهٔ خسته کننده دارد و آن این است که نویسنده، <جوزف کنراد> در جای جایِ داستان، به احساساتِ درونی و سخن گفتنِ شخصیتِ اصلی داستان با وجدانِ خویش پرداخته است که این موضوع داستان را به درازا کشانده است
عزیزانم، داستان از این قرار است که جوانی ماجراجو به نامِ <جیم>، به کارِ دریانوردی میپردازد... در یکی از سفرها، کشتی دچار طوفانِ دریا شده و جیم به همراهِ چندی دیگر از ملوانها، کشتی را


Penny Review: I really enjoyed this book! I was captivated and interested from the start which is really important for me. I don't like books that are slow to start and often put them aside after a few chapters if it hasn't grabbed my attention by then.

I didn't notice Feist spend any time at the beginning on world-building, but rather it felt like he let the world of Midkemia spring up around a diverse and interesting cast of characters. I loved all of the main characters and felt them grow and change as tim


Amanda Review:
“The thing I’m finally learning is that someone can be your best friend in the world, but you’re not necessarily theirs.”

Pasadena is first and foremost a Noir story. I think it’s important to know going in. If you’re expecting a heartwarming tale of friendship and hope then you certainly came to the wrong place. There are a multitude of shadows surrounding these characters. No one is particularly innocent. Well… maybe a couple of the characters are genuinely good but everyone else consistentl


Jenny Levine Review:
“Arms of a stranger, a warm blooded kiss, trying to fill the void, of the one that I miss.
Perfume whispers, lashes and lace, but I can only hear your voice, I’m so out of place.
All these painkillers, that’s all they are.

Liam and Josie were HS sweethearts.
He's a quarterback and captain of the football team.
She's a cheerleader.
They were the poster kids for romance throughout the town.
Everyone knew they were together and nothing was going to break them up.
And they're certain they


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