История Библии на Востоке: С обзором метода и условий, благоприятных и неблагоприятных её переводам и распространение у китайцев, монголов, маньчжуров, тибетян, корейцев, японцев: у персов, турок, арабов, абиссинцев, армян, грузин и др..pdf


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Bradley Review: I'm really quite amazed at the things this novel does right. It's a detailed and grand scaled historical romance as well as being a delightful hop in magical realism, but I couldn't help make direct connections to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

But not because many of the ideas are the same. They aren't. What is the same is the length and the attention to historicism and the depth of the real history and especially the depth of the magic. The length of the novel and beautiful prose also has a


softlykaz Review:
i feel like this is one of those books you would stock in garages for decades until your children come across them and are suddenly forced to humanize you for the conceivably interesting creature that you were, and thus ameliorating your relationship with them while they are inspired to dream

ummm can't wait to force my kids to read this tbh

'look, i didn't want to be a half-blood.'



Gillian Berry Review: I cannot tell you WHY I am so invested in this series (I kind of hate the term guilty pleasure, but it kind of definitely applies to my middle grade break with sanity) or why I am so completely and totally Team Keefe but TEAM KEEFE

Seriously. Team Keefe.



Kai Review: “Do you know what it’s like to like someone so much you can’t stand it and know that they’ll never feel the same way?”

To All The Boys I've Loved Before is as quirky and cute as it's protagonist.
After the first few pages I wasn't sure I would finish this book. Everything seemed so picture perfect, so girlie. The way Lara Jean always said "Daddy", how Kitty outwitted any other living nine-year-old, etc. But I'm glad I kept reading, even though the plot wasn't overexciting and very predictable. N


Tasha Review: This is the second book in this series that has come to the United States from Japan. In this adventure, sisters Chirri and Chirra ride their bikes into a tall stand of grass. Once inside, they follow a bee to its home where they get to taste honey sponge cake. From there, they follow some flower chafers to their home where the chafers share some leaf juice with them. When a lizard passes by, the girls follow him to his home and they make candies together. As darkness falls, the girls return bac


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