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1. Title:Algebraic structures and operator calculus. Vol.1

Author: Feinsilver P., Schott R.

FileType: djvu






Riley Review: Ok wow where do I even begin with this.

My summarized thoughts are that this was a waste of my time. I've seen a lot of reviews where people say this read like fanfiction and they would be correct. Because this IS fanfiction. JK Rowling did not write this. I will repeat, JK ROWLING DID NOT WRITE THIS.

With that cleared up, this shouldn’t exist. The play was not meant to be read like this, it was meant to be seen. If they wanted a book they should have made a novelized version but instead they took


Donna Review: This was a depressing autobiography that reminded me of the repetitive inhumanity Solzhenitsyn describes in his accounts of living in the gulag system. But it lacks the prose that made me subject myself to Solzhenitsyn's second book. While I feel for him and hope that he thrives now that he has escaped from hell, I don't believe that I would read another book by Ishikawa. There was no closure, either. Spoiler alert, here: he left his starving family behind.
He does a lot of crying over his dilem


LJ Review: First Sentence: “The trap is set and he’s on his way,” Cassie Dewell said to Sheriff Jon Kirkbride.

Inspector Cassie Dewell has been hunting the Lizard King, a serial killer of truck-stop prostitutes, runaways, and of her former boss. Now, she hopes she has set up the perfect lure to get him to come to her. Yet she is also concerned about the disappearance of Kyle Westergaard, a young man with mild fetal-alcohol syndrome, and his friend Raheem.

Box does a very good job of explaining eh details of


Rose Review: Quick review for a not-so-quick read. I'm not really sure how to review this because I feel like I read/listened to a 7 hour audiobook in which nothing really happened except for a bunch of really rushed romantic relationships in an overly hyped up (and very light) portrayal of New York City. The story ended right when in the midst of huge conflicts between three girls attending college and in ensuing relationships while also hiding things about their pasts they'd like to forget. this sup


Carol Review: Quick read, clever plot. A nice intro to the series.


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