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1. Title:CIM Coursebook 06/07 Analysis and Evaluation

Author: Wendy Lomax

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Giselle Review: With a fantastic premise and an overall interesting plot, I can see why The 100 has already been signed on by CW as a TV series. If only it was tightened up with better character development and a stronger dedication to world building instead of establishing the romantic angle, it could have been a real page turner. Nevertheless, it's interesting enough to warrant a read. I believe its success will lay in the TV series, however.

100 teenagers are to be sent to earth after humans evacuated it 300


Cindy Review: This was a different story, was not sure how it was going to go and not sure if I was going to like it. However, the further I got into it the more I could not put it down I needed to know what was going to happen. The story was about 2 women who did not know each other were forced to rent a car together and their journey began.


Neftis Review: Refrito de los dos libros anteriores, asi cualquiera escribe una saga tan larga.


Laura Review: There is just something about Goodger's writing that always draws me in. In this case it was being able to see just how much the hero loved the heroine way before he even realized it. It was exciting to watch him work through his feelings and repair the many times he bungled things up.
After hearing how plain wallflower, Harriet Anderson, has an amazing photographic mind, Augustus Lawton is eager to hire her to restore his home to its former glory after his deceased wife destroyed it.
Harriet, who


Kat O'Keeffe Review: Solid conclusion to the series! The final reveal/solution didn't quite pack the PUNCH I was expecting, but I did still thoroughly enjoy this trilogy. Overall, I'd give the series a 4.5 -- definitely recommended if you want a fast-paced, well-developed superhero/supervillain story with great characters and excellent world building. Brandon Sanderson continues to be one of my favorite authors of all time!

I talk a bit more about the trilogy overall (spoiler-free!) in this video - https://www.youtub


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