Rigorous Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Systems: Results of the SENSORIA Project on Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Computing.pdf


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1. Title:Rigorous Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Systems: Results of the SENSORIA Project on Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Computing

Author: Martin Wirsing, Matthias Hölzl, Nora Koch, Philip Mayer (auth.), Martin Wirsing, Matthias Hölzl (eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg





Beatrice Masaluñga Review: We Can Be Mended
Mended my ass.


Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ Review:

While the story itself is intriguing, the way it is told is so boring. That's why I try and avoid classics most of the time. I prefer something fast-paced, or something that (at least) doesn't make me fall asleep. Old authors had a way about descriptions and making the most exciting things appear soulless.

I felt nothing for Lord Ruthven, just as I felt nothing for Aubrey. And why did Ruthven leave Aubrey alive? All the mental torture did nothing for me. I could not see the vampire's reasons, nor


Ilse Review: Love leaped out in front of us like a murderer in an alley leaping out of nowhere, and struck us both at once. As lightning strikes, as a Finnish knife strikes! She, by the way, insisted afterwards that it wasn’t so, that we had, of course, loved each other for a long, long time, without knowing each other, never having seen each other…

I experienced this magical novel as an unrivalled ode to love and reveled in its delectable burlesque and hilarious scenes. It knocked me off my feet and pointed


Evgeny Review: Buddy read with Jessica, Robin, Catherine, Kristi, Asya and Tanya. I apologize if I missed somebody; in case I did please let me know and I will add you.

The book version of mid-eighties England is a fine dystopian society. The literature is a very serious business, time travel is nothing of the ordinary which comes with all the fun and paradoxes and cloning works wonders making people's favorite pets out of these guys:

The heroine Thursday Next is a special operative working for literary detecti


Isha Coleman Review: Life's biggest regret is having not bothered to try. That ever winding road of regret and heartache has brought Drake and Azalea to an impasse. Will she risk her heart to the man that broke it without a care? Will he forgive himself for hurting the one person, he thought would always be there? An Uphill Battle tackles the road less traveled. Youth caused him to take her for granted, maturity proved to be his wake up call. Did it come too late? L.K. Farlow has a way of bringing characters to life


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