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1. Title:Biotechnology for Waste and Wastewater Treatment

Author: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

FileType: pdf

Publisher:William Andrew





Elaine Fisher Review: This is an interesting book filled with fun and sometimes horrific or hilarious facts that most people would never know or even dream of! I read such weird facts as: six people died from a brain-eating amoeba detected in
Lake Havasu, a man-made lake on the border of Colorado and Arizona; and Attila the Hun did not die in battle,as
many believe.He met his maker on his wedding night. After a night of lovemaking, he got a nasty nosebleed, and
lost so much blood that he died! If you are interested in


Melissa Review: Read for one of my psych major senior seminar course and YIKES what a dry read. Honestly, this book caused me so much grief.


Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ Review: Elinor, age 21, awakens one day to a bedroom on fire. Bad for the curtains, but good for her, her talent has finally emerged. Her parents thought she was going to be an ordinary talent-less chick as most manifest much earlier. Her late manifestation means she's an Extraordinary Sorcher - the super gifted. Her mean old dad is over the moon excited about selling her off in marriage now to the highest bidder and woe to Elinor if she doesn't obey. She's way nicer than what I'd have done. She doesn't


Aleksandra Review: 4.5 stars!

I love this series and I'm so glad Jennifer Lynn Barnes published this novella/epilogue/last case novella.
Twelve is gripping and entertaining. I love seeing my favorite Naturals, I missed them so much. I want to reread original series now...

The composition of the novella is perfectly balanced between flashbacks, the present time and the mindset of the killer.

Cassie and her friends are now all grown up. I'm glad to see them still together, solving crimes and being awesome.
The cast is de


Thomas Review: Sometimes the perfect book finds you at the perfect time. That is how All Grown Up found me. Even though I am a 22-year-old (gay, Asian) man, I already tire of society's patriarchal message that I need a boyfriend to be happy, that even if I feel joy with myself and my friends now, at some point I should try to find a husband and kids to complete me. I have searched for a book about a character who faces similar pressures and does not concede. Andrea Bern in All Grown Up is that character and so


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