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1. Title:Тепловозы. Механическое оборудование,устройство,ремонт

Author: Пойда А.А. и др.

FileType: djvu






Denise H Review: I was completely captivated by this book from the opening scene. It was such an emotional, pulse pounding hit from the start and the action, suspense and adventure were great and lasted from the beginning to end of this book. I was stunned to learn who the bad guy was and the warped reason behind it all. Shocking and twisted…and just wow! The author does an amazing job of drawing this out and keeping you hooked until the big reveal. The characters were all fantastic, as usual, and the storyline


Tushti Bhatia Review: I have a very strong liking for short stories, I often pick up books with short n crisp stories and prefer reading them rather giving out time to full length novel, I was scrolling down amazon.in and that is when I came across 'different beads of the same strings', I read the blurb and voila, I knew that I just got the perfect read for the weekend. let me tell you I completed this book in a single siting of 3 hours. Sujay's writing style is so captivating that I couldn't keep the book down for a


Kandice Review: I saw the ending coming a mile away, but Chiang's take on the mechanics of a Tower of Babylon was very, very interesting. Anyone who has read this story in the bible must have some curiosity and he did a great job of showing how it would probably work.

This is only the second Chiang I have read, but I may need to shelve him on my mental Mindscrew shelf with Philip K. Dick. Two mind blowers in a row must be a pattern, yes?


Tom Schulte Review: CEDU Educational Services, Inc., known simply as CEDU, was founded in 1967 by Mel Wasserman and his wife Brigitta. The company owned and operated several therapeutic boarding schools and behavior modification programs in California and Idaho. CEDU origins go back to Synanon, a cult founded in Santa Monica, California in 1958 by Charles Dederich. The Troubled Teen Industry[1] today largely consists of Synanon and/or CEDU offshoots. I thank this author for making me aware of CEDU and prompting me


Nick Review: Full review forthcoming


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