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1. Title:Differential and Integral Calculus [Vol 1]

Author: R. Courant

FileType: pdf






Cait • A Page with a View Review: That was one of the most mesmerizing, creepy, and creative stories I've found in a long time! I absolutely loved the writing, but the plot itself wasn't really my cup of tea.

Alice grew up moving from place to place with her mom whenever "bad luck" and weird situations caught up to them. (Ex: she was kidnapped once when she was a kid, but the guy just bought her blueberry pancakes and then showed up a decade later at Alice's job looking the exact same age). Her grandmother wrote a book of dark fa


Elyse Review: An audiobook *treasure*!

Trevor is a likable! A charming- guy!!! Listening to him speak is almost magnetic.
Being thrown out of a car? By his own mother? OUCH! Trevor had my attention in the palm of his hands.

The ongoing - ongoing - and ONGOING ....dramatic stories Trevor shares about his childhood --were life lesson building blocks. Trevor did the building!! He used every life experience to his advantage-- and that's extraordinary!
Poverty, abuse, Religious upbringing, crazy chaotic living con


Aly is so frigging bored Review: 2nd read 24 May - 25 June 2016

1st read from September 26 to 30, 2013


Allie Thomas Review: The introduction says it all: Stories are important. When we see our stories not as "obstacles to freedom, but rather as the key to unlocking it," a book like If You Only Knew becomes a MUST READ.

In her first book, Jamie Ivey does just this - shares her beautiful, broken, and redeemed story - to encourage her readers to remove the labels they put on their own journeys and to own how the gospel can truly work in our lives. She reminds her readers that "our stories are not really as unique as we t


Jessica Review: Tarzan, grieving his beloved Jane who will soon marry another, sets off to visit France. Where of course he causes problems with Russian blackmailers, becomes a spy for the French government, and ends up back in Africa. There's lots of fighting, lots of yelling, lost cities are rediscovered, gold is found, lions are killed with Tarzan's bare hands!

It's pretty much exactly what you would expect. Although I was shocked by the cannibalism. Like, white Europeans deciding to eat each other. That was


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