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1. Title:A beginner's guide to structural equation modeling

Author: Randall E. Schumacker, Richard G. Lomax

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates





Scarlet Review:
"Reality was one step out of line, a cardigan with the buttons done up wrong."

I have come to realise that reading a Murakami book is not quite an act of reading itself but an act of dreaming with your eyes open. What you see is a series of surreal images barely held together by threads of reason. What matters however, is the feeling these images leave you with; an aftertaste that lingers and intensifies even as the world within these pages turns stranger and more disconcerting; until what you


Jennifer Kyle Review: 4.5 Stars

”I don’t want to be a monster.”

This book does with a cliffhanger. I’m still waiting on information as an approximate release date for the next book in the series Oblivion (Broken City, #3). What I did find out so far is that there is approximately going to be five books in this series but more if story deems.

This book directly follows book one of the series as Allura is on her way to the Broken City with the guidance of her rescue hottie team, Reece, Blaise and Ryder.

”You go against


Catherine Review: Wonderful!

Another great story about River's End Ranch! I loved Anna and can't wait to see Taylor grow up! Thank you


Amy Review: 4.5, Gimmie The Next Book NOW, Stars!!

“Forgiveness is for pussies. All I wanted was revenge.”

“How could two people who knew each other the way we did feel like strangers?”

“I think you only get one true love in this life. And if it’s not the fight-me-tooth-and-nail, leave-me-bloody-and-gasping-for-air-kind of love, I don’t want it.”

“Sometimes, all someone needs is for one person to say yes instead of no.”

I want to yell! I want to scream! I want to rage!! I can’t even right now!! I mean, what did


Corey Review: Our finest living poet.


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