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1. Title:Civil society

Author: Michael Edwards

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Polity Press





✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰ Review: ARC received for an honest review

I have not read the first book in the Bayside Summer series, however this did not affect my enjoyment of Bayside Passions at all.

I liked that our lovelies already knew each other well when the story starts (I assume it was all set up in the first book in the series). I liked that they could dive right into their friendship and more.

I freaking adore Dean. He is all kinds of swoonworthy and I was ready to scream at my kindle that if Emery didn't want him I would ha


M.J. Heiser Review: Q&A Review

Wait. Isn't this a kid's book?
Actually, it is. It was written for kids aged 10-15.

And aren't you almost 40?
Yes. And thanks so much for putting that out there.

So what the devil are you doing reading a book that was written for someone a quarter of your age?
If you aren't careful, halfwit, I'm going to punch you in the face.

*sigh* Okay, fine. So tell me whatever long-winded thing you dragged me in here to tell me.

REAL Review

Sometimes, life gets a little rough. Sometimes, as a grown up


Jax Review: A massive tome with a spine thicker than Arnold Schwartzenegger’s forearm, Pillars looks intimidating enough to make even the most avid readers wary; its 973 pages are densely packed with unforgiving walls of 8-point text with nary a line break in sight. Before I was more than a hundred pages in, however, it became apparent that length was among the least of this behemoth of a book’s problems.

Follett's concept—a medieval, generation-spanning epic built around the construction of a cathedral—is


Flor Review: “El color púrpura” es un novela epistolar, que trata sobre la dura vida de Celie, una mujer norteamericana de raza negra, que vive en el sur de Estados Unidos a principios del siglo XX.

No voy a escribir sobre la trama en sí porque terminaría haciendo spoilers.

Lo que sí quiero destacar, es la evolución que hay en varios personajes, y la cantidad de emociones que me produjo leer esta historia, ya que aquí no todo es drama, también hay notas de humor, romance y salseo.!!! Jaja

Me pareció muy inte


Carol [Goodreads Addict] Review: Amber is book one in the brand new series, Red Hot Love, by Elle Casey. I love diving in to a new series by an author I adore. This one has a completely different feeling than her other books. It completely sets it apart. At first, I was a bit surprised. But the further I got into the book, the more I forgot about what I went in expecting and just enjoyed the story.

Amber Fields is twenty four years old and lives in central Maine on a communal farm called Glenhollow Farms. Amber was raised on th


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