Первая ударная: боевой путь 1 ударной армии в Великой отечественной войне.pdf


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1. Title:Первая ударная: боевой путь 1 ударной армии в Великой отечественной войне

Author: Бердников Г.И.

FileType: pdf






Denise Keef Review: This was a very creepy story. One that gave me a “look over your shoulder” kind of feeling while reading it. Meet Mikey a little boy who witnesses not one but two devastating scenes, loses two important people in his life and who has no control over his own mind. Enter Michael…Michael is Mikey’s evil side and who tries to protect Mikey when terrible things are happening around him. What happens when Michael is unleashed on the world is enough to make even the most seasoned police officers sick t


Ginny Review: Cats and superheroes?! What's not to love?! I downloaded the first issue and loved it. It's so funny and so clever, and the cuteness doesn't hurt. Waiting for payday to buy the rest!!


Cait (Paper Fury) Review: Are you ready for a rant? BECAUSE I AM SUPER MAD RIGHT NOW. They don't call me Paper Fury for nothing, children. This book is disgustingly problematic, sexist, and abusive. I actually had no idea what I was in for....I liked the title, okay?!? But I read in someone else's review that "Erin Watt" is a pseudonym for two erotica authors. SO. That tells you a lot right there. (Although I'm not 100% sure if it's true or not.)

Here is a lovely list of what this book includes:
• male dominance and chauvi


Melanie Allen Review: This is the new romance, older man, younger woman, billionaire office romance book by Mia Ford that will have you hoping that Tanner gets his girl. This was a full on book with lust, romance, sex, and lies the characters flow well together.
Tanner runs a successful business that’s just about to merge with another. Tanner split from his business partner cause he didn’t want to work all the time like Tanner as he had a family, but still misses his best friend. So when he hires Dean’s daughter to w


Greg Review: I'm in a few week period where I can read anything I'd like, and I have been using that time to read new books that I am not necessarily all that excited for. For a change I decided, I'm going to read something I've been meaning to read and that I'll enjoy and life will be good. So I picked The Double, the newest novel by George Pelecanos, which I've been meaning to get around to for almost a year.

I only have an ARC, but the always wonderful Karen got it for me at last year's BEA and it's inscr


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