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1. Title:A Distinctive Industrialization: Cotton in Barcelona 1728-1832

Author: J. K. J. Thomson

FileType: pdf





Beth Review: Amazing and emotionally jarring read with extremely difficult subject matter. This book is not for the light-hearted reader.

I received this ARC copy of Judgment Road from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review. Judgment Road is set for publication Jan. 23, 2018.


Tamye Whitener Review: She's going to guard his body, but who's going to safeguard her heart?

I flat out loved this book! From beginning to end, I was completely hooked. The tough as nails female ex-marine turned bodyguard, who still can't help but lust a bit over her dirtbag ex-husband. But someone is threatening him, and someone else has to protect him, so of course Nessa gets the job. The thing is Nessa wasn't always so strong, and Craig isn't a total dirtbag. So you could say, that some things aren't always what th


Ghazaleh Review: آیا هرگز دقت کردهاید که وقتی احساس خوبی دربارهی خود دارید، دیگران هم بهتر از همیشه بهنظر میرسند؟ آیا این تغییر در دیگران جالبتوجه یا حتی عجیب نیست؟
جهان، بازتابی از خودِ ماست. وقتی از خود بیزاریم، از همه بیزاریم و وقتی به همین که هستیم، عشق میورزیم، جهان هم فوقالعاده و دوستداشتنی بهنظر میرسد. تصویری که انسان از خویشتن در ذهن دارد، تعیین میکند که چه رفتارهایی از او سر خواهند زد؛ با چه کسانی دوست خواهد بود، برای به دست آوردن چه چیزهایی تلاش، و از چه اموری اجتناب خواهد کرد.
منشا تمام افکار و حرکات ما


Fareya Review: Charming, heartwarming and full of humor, Someday, Someday Maybe is about the joys and struggles of being young and carefree in a big city. Its about believing in the beauty of dreams and chasing them without losing hope. Its a story about making mistakes - in life and in relationships but knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

Franny Banks, the twenty something protagonist has always dreamed of being an actress. After finishing college she comes to New York giving herself a three-year dead


Norma Review: This was one of the hardest reviews for me to write.....I wish I would have loved this one more!

My absolute favorite genre or type of book to read is a psychological suspense/thriller novel as I am totally fascinated in the way that some people think, feel, or behave.  I also like to challenge myself to see if I can figure out the why and who.  EMMA IN THE NIGHT was an intriguing look at Narcissist Personality Disorder and how a family is ultimately affected by it.
Why I wanted to read this one


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