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1. A Distinctive Industrialization: Cotton in Barcelona 1728-1832 J. K. J. Thomson pdf 7512986 English 1992 [Download]


Jessica Review: I'm so very clearly in the minority here, and I don't really feel like drawing the ire of the thousands of people who seem to have enjoyed this book so just let me say that the story was fine but I thought the writing was weak. The characters weren't developed and Kelly's use of the three-intertwined-narratives technique (Side note: I am sick to death of that technique) struck me as clumsy and ineffective.


midnightfaerie Review: Sharing is something everyone in our family struggles with and food is no exception. Willems does a wonderful job of showing the different sides to sharing, from the benefits to the guilt. The attractively simple illustrations makes this appropriate for all ages. If you're looking for a good beginner's reading book, this is a solid level 1 reading that any kid will enjoy. Watching the tension build as the ice cream begins to melt and the elephant struggles with his conscience is amusing and some


Not Now...Mommy's Reading Review: Best Read of 2004!!! Wow! What a way to start a new year. This is the first book I've read by Dean Koontz and I'm kicking myself in the behind for overlooking the man for some many years! After this review, I will make it a point to get my hands on a copy of everything the man has ever written.

I first mentioned this book to my ex-husband after coming across it in the bookstore early December. Back cover seemed interesting enough but, not being a fan of Koontz, I decided to put it on my "wish li


Karen Review: Welcome back to the Belle Meade Plantation series! Book three centers on characters in 1871 Nashville who are new acquaintances, both who have similar struggles to achieve their dreams at the cost of great personal sacrifice. It reads well as a stand alone, with some mention of people from other books.

This finely written story creatively weaves together real people and events with fictional characters, effectively dealing with issues like prejudice, overcoming fear, and walking by faith towards


Jiana Review: Someone :) just :) kill :) me :) and :) end :) my :) pain :)

I can't deal with this hell I'm living in right now. Someone hold me. Then kill me. Please.

SERIOUSLY CASSIE CLARE, SERIOUSLY? Stabbing me in the heart would've hurt less. How dare you. How. dare. you. I want to punch you. But you're also my queen??? BUT I WANT TO PUNCH YOU SO HARD FOR DOING THIS TO ME.

And now, I have to :) wait :) two :) years :) for :) the :) final :) book :)

5/19/2017: Not long now till this beauty is released!!!!



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