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1. Title:Cooling Towers. Selection, Design and Practice

Author: Cheremisinoff N.P., Cheremisinoff P.N.

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Publisher:Ann Arbor Science Pub.





Evan Review: The Thieves of Ostia isn't quite YA lit — it's aimed at children rather than preteens or teens — but it's still more palatable to the adult reader than, say, the Percy Jackson series.

The best quality of The Thieves of Ostia is that it's genuinely educational. It skims over historical bullet points in service of the modern child reader, but it does inspire one to learn more about the setting — even adults who are familiar with Ancient Rome. In the already sparse arena of children’s historical fic


Merry Jelks-Emmanuel Review: Jake and Krissy are dynamic characters in this emotionally gripping story that will truly touch your heart. Jake is trying to piece back his life after losing his wife to an IED in Afghanistan. He is in turmoil because of the hurtful words that were his last to his wife. Krissy is dealing with her own emotional baggage. After opening up to Krissy things are getting better but what is Krissy hiding and will it tear these two apart?


Inge Review: New haircut? Looks lovely, thank you. I’ll gladly pay 100 pounds for it.
Sex with fiancé? Yes, it was great, very satisfying.
No, you do not look fat in that dress.

Meet Natalie Butterworth. She tells white lies. Wait, did I just describe every human being ever? Imagine what would happen if your ability to tell lies got taken away from you. It happened to Natalie, and it’s every bit as humiliating and awkward as you can imagine. Natalie becomes the victim of a hypnotist and can only tell the truth


Paromjit Review: This is a quirky, poignant and heartbreaking novel translated from the Japanese. There are the odd occasions at the beginning of this novel that you may think it is a trifle simplistic, but bear with it, as it will draw you in. It is related from the perspective of Satoru Miyawaki, and his beloved Nana, a stray cat, so named because his tail resembles the Japanese character for the number seven. Nana loved settling on Satoru's silver van, and found himself getting fed by him. He resembles a cat,


Kary Review: Always love Froggy! Good for library intro.


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