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1. Title:The History of Nordic Relative Clauses

Author: Terje Wagener

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Mouton De Gruyter





Carol Review: 4.5 Stars.

Did you know....A CHRISTMAS CAROL was born out of financial necessity"....that Charles Dicken's was only 31 when he wrote the novel? (I thought him to be an old man.)

As for Bah Humbug....not this delightful work of fiction. A Scrooge type is here though complete with a humbug attitude and many other familiar plot connections and characters from A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

MR. DICKENS AND HIS CAROL is an imaginative and historically atmospheric debut that gives the reader a fictional glance of th


Corina☞BookTwinsReviews Review: The one thing out of many that Aly Martinez excels at is emotional and explosive storytelling. THRIVE, a second chance novel, had that hands down covered. It was a different emotional rollercoaster from her last duet, but nevertheless it was packed with more than one powerful punch because of the couples history and their explosive attraction.

17 years ago, Jeremy and Mira were young, inexperienced, impulsively and hotheaded. Their rash decisions still hounded them years later. I ached for them,


Nick Angelis Review: Tarzan is simply a white SuperCaptainCoolMan. That's all there is to it. With sinewy arms of steel forged in the leafy shadows of the darkest jungles--you get the picture. The silliest theme in the book is Tarzan's de-evolution from a gentleman in Paris to the ape-man rampaging through the jungle with his primate brethren. The not-so-subtle social Darwinism featured in all the Tarzan books is annoying if you can't get past the stupid ideas of previous generations--maybe in 75 years people will b


Paromjit Review: This is a strange multi-layered beast of a book set in a future Britain under total surveillance, governed by the System, where the majority of people remarkably believe this is a good thing. It is a dense and demanding sci-fi and fantasy read requiring attention and patience from the reader. It would be remiss of me not to mention that at 700+ pages, you need to prepared for the long haul. This is a sprawling tale which goes in a myriad of directions and left me bewildered as to where it was he


Emma Review: 3.5 stars

Despite the dark and twisty plots of Nazis, murderers, and the IRA, this is a light hearted and fun thriller. Now back with the very nosy American history professor, Tom Wild, in the heart of Cambridge, we follow his attempts to work out the ominous connections between a missing boy, a dead scientist, and the race for the nuclear bomb. Mix the fast pace with a cast of colourful characters who could all be dodgy as hell, and you've got the recipe for a rip-roaring time. Perhaps more on t


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