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1. Title:Differential and Integral Calculus. Vol.2

Author: Courant R.

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Jacqueline Layne Review: I very much enjoyed reading this. The pictures are great. I did not realize the seedy background that Coney Island has had from the beginning. Also of interest is that Fred Trump (Donald Trump's father) bought the Steeplechase amusement park property on Coney Island in 1964 with the intention of building luxury apartments there. He fought zoning for ten years and finally gave up. Book gives origins of the Nathan’s Coney Island hot dog.


Emer Review: 'The Gene: an intimate history' is a most readable story about what it means to be human. It is a book that attempts to shine a light on the complex and often fraught history of understanding heredity. The book is laid out in a relatively easy to follow format with a writing style suited to those without a scientific background but with a keen interest in science.

What makes this very readable for the non-scientist is how the author relates the history of the gene, determining the human genome a


Detta Review: This is my first Mira W novel. I didn't grew up reading her but she's releasing her 40 years edition so I got the whole set. The cover was beautiful too..

I can imagine how her novel became bestsellers during the 80's because it was ahead of her time. Some of the plots are unorthodox, yet it spans for 20-30 years life of her characters.

I like the nostalgia of the first story, started as puppy love. As for the second story, I remember Widyawati and Rano Karno played the movie when i was a child.


Beth Cato Review: I received a copy of this book from the author. My review states my unbiased reaction.

The Golden City is the sort of book that would make me go, "OOOH! WANT!" It hits on several of my sweet spots: historical fiction, a unique setting (1902 Portugal), magic, and selkies. The latter is huge for me. I love selkies and am delighted when I find shorts stories and novels that utilize them well. (For those who aren't familiar with selkies, they are fairy creatures of sea who can slip off their pelt to


Aoife Review:

The Sword of Shannara 2.5/5 Stars

Coming into this series, I had already watched and read a lot of mediocre reviews. I was well aware that this book was very heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings and I'm glad I was prepared for this because even though I knew it, throughout the book I found myself saying 'Lord of the Rings', 'Lord of the Rings,' and 'oh, more Lord of the rings!'

I wish I liked The Sword of Shannara more than I did because I do feel, despite being inspired by Tolkien's


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