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1. Title:Tools for Computational Finance

Author: Rüdiger U. Seydel

FileType: pdf





Cynthia Austin Review: A story of a corporate therapist using horses as a way to awaken peoples emotions and learn how to acknowledge and change their behavior.

This is the first book from Blackbird Digital I did not enjoy. Probably because it's a self-help book and there are very few books of this genre I can stomach. Especially when the author had a strenuous relationship with her mother and father, was not close or connected to her two siblings and constantly ran from every relationship she ever formed. Is this per


Chip Hunter Review: The story and characters of this series are awesome, Kerner's writing style is top-notch, and when these books reach a climax they are nearly impossible to put down. However, in this second book of the series, Kerner has failed to impress. The first 3/4 of the book is spent recapping the first book or wallowing in unimportant details that don't progress the plot at all. Only in the last hundred pages or so does the story really pick up steam and some action finally come into play. I really would


Erin Cataldi Review: Finally, a good fantasy book for teens! It's The Hobbit mixed with Harry Potter... but set in Eragon... kinda. It's got great fantasy and adventure elements and is a great read for middle schoolers, high schoolers, hell, even adults!

Augum hasn't had a very exceptional life, as a fourteen year old orphan in the service of an old knight, he hasn't experienced much in the ways of the world. When the Legion comes to town murdering everyone and setting the village on fire, he flees for his life, only


Janet Review: The Start Of A New Love Can Be Tough Even With Mates. GREAT BOOK!!

Heavenly Scents is Book 2 Of The Silver Streak Pack, part of The Paranormal Dating Agency. When Connie had contacted Gerri, owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency, to find a love for her friend Cyndi, she never would have guessed Gerri would also find Connie her mate. Heavenly Scents shows us that even when two people/shifters are soulmates, love can begin in a way that is less than ideal. Connie had lived with her pack her whole l


Kristin Review: This is a powerful book with a simple message: Be a King. Admit you've done wrong. Stand for peace. Stamp out hatred. Lift up the less fortunate. Such a great message for young people.


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