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Author: Freud Sigmund

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Carolyn Review: Oh this is a great beginning to Jennifer Ashley's new series. Sets up the relationship between Daniel McAdam and Kat Holloway. "Mrs. H." is feisty, clever and no one's fool. I like her!


Jen Review: I've only read the first book in this series and have missed books 2 and 3. This one takes place in London and the reunion of several magicians who all started out at the same time. Eli Mark's Uncle Harry is suspected in the murder of another magician (although I found that a bit unreasonable given the circumstances), but one by one, the elder magicians of The Magic Circle are being taken out.

The trip certainly didn't turn out to be the romantic London vacation Eli hoped. Strangely not all that


Nadia Review: This was the book I was waiting the entire series for! And for the most part, I'm really happy with how everything progressed between Parker and Malcolm (and yeah I'm aware I misspelled his name in my status update, tho I'm not sure why there isn't an edit update option on GR, it's 2018 ffs, we should have one by now), but I'm not happy with the final part, where Malcolm realizes the depth of his feelings for Parker and he proclaims his undying love and devotion using Carter's, Del's and Jack's


Trish Review:
"The archeology of grief is not ordered."

Helen Macdonald’s book-length nonfiction is so many things at once: a eulogy, an elegy, a biography, a memoir, a training manual, a journey. It is a conversation about death, and community. It is so filled with passion and pain that one reads, breath bated, to see which will crush the other. This book is only partly about a hawk, despite the title. It records the author’s journey of a few years, starting with the unexpected death of her father, through th


Shelli Review: Strangeways by Addison Cain- This was unlike any of the other books I've ever read by her...completely different! In fact, it was pretty different from other PNR books I've read. That's not a bad thing though, she wrote a very interesting alien...with some VERY interesting "appendages". The one thing that was similar to her other books though, was that even after finishing the book, I'm left wondering if Phi was really a good guy or a bad guy. I'm so conflicted about liking him! Addison writes s


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