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Author: Freud Sigmund

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Shayna Review: Who is this Harper Sloan and where the HELL has she been all my life?! The first book in her BRAND NEW SERIES, just BLEW. ME. AWAY. I've never went through so many emotions with an individual character, until...Maverick Austin Davis! I HAVE BEEN SLAYED!

"You better believe I'm ridin' this out with you until you buck me off. And darlin', there hasn't been a ride I've ever been more prepared for."

Ok, listen. I know I'm late to the game with this author, but better late than never, right? I'm just


Aaron Woodsworth Review: I haven't read Dean Koontz in years, and I wanted to see if I'd made a hasty judgment about him being not so good. He wrote a book called "Lightning" that I liked, but others I read were, as they say, "Meh." I picked up this book and the next in the series, "Forever Odd," and thought "sure, why not?"

Let me answer that question for you:

Dean Koontz' 20 year old I-see-dead-people fry cook character reads like a 20 year old written by a 50-something year old that assumes he can write a believable 20


Lisa Pichner Review: I got Josie’s Miracle from Dawn Sullivan to enjoy and review and enjoy it I did. I started reading it and couldn’t but it down was done the book in two hours. If you have read any of Dawn’s RARE series you have already meet Doc Josie but if you haven’t you can still read this book and know what is going on. Doc Josie is a wolf who lives with and treats the White River Wolf pack. She has been on her own for a long time just doing her career and taking care of the pack especially the children. Aft


Kristina Giovanni Review: Seven boys in a family, Scotish, and only one left to marry. It is like the whole of Scotland has come to witness Conan McTiernay's wedding. His bride is Mhairi , a lovely dark haired, green eyed beauty. She is very intelligent, speaks several languages and collects scrolls and books. .Conan has a bad reputation, all the girls love him until they talk to him, he also speaks several languages, collect scrolls and books but his favorite is mapping the Scotish countryside.
There seems to be a lot go


Rabab Al.aswad Review: .
#غداً_اجمل كتاب خفيف وسلس وجميل يحتوي على عدة عقبات ومشاكل وكيف للانسان ان يتعامل معها بخطوات بسيطة ونصائح ليست معقدة بل يستطيع كل شخص تطبيقها
يعتبر كتاب من كتب تطوير الذات .. فهو يتناول عدة جوانب كما ذكرت ومنها:

التخلص من التوتر والقلق وكيفية التعامل مع الفقد وكيفية مقاتلة الكسل والنجاح في الحياة الطرق التي يمكن استخدامها اثناء تقديمنا لوظيفة وكيفية اجتياز المقابلة ومعاملة الرؤساء والاصدقاء وغيرهم من المحيطين بنا
اعجبتني النصائح والطرق التي قدمها في باب كيف نحب القراء ونصح باستخدام برنامج g


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