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1. Title:From equilibrium to chaos: practical bifurcation and stability analysis

Author: Rudiger Seydel

FileType: djvu





Leighanne Cooper nottingham Review: Loved!!!!

I could picture the countryside in this book...I enjoyed this so much... especially the snake part... This was a free one for me.. I enjoyed it very much...


Roy Lotz Review: Bill Bryson has become something like my spiritual guide. Taken together, his works form a roadmap for living life as a middle-aged, oversensitive, bookish, misanthropic, curious, and curiously inept man; and I am following his lead into the sunset.

This book was particularly relevant for me, because I recently returned to New York to renew my visa. Like Bryson, I would be seeing my native land after a spell abroad (although my time away was much shorter). As usual, I got the audiobook version s


Smitten's Book Blog Review:

Yay! :) I feel all warm and gooey inside. I love books that do that to me. This was such a feel good contemporary romance.

It was a little predictable and standard, but I think that's ok, because it was gorgeous! I do have one issue, and that is Liam's reason for leaving his home town of Beaumont and the love of his life, Josie Preston... I can see where the author was trying to go with that but it was the only weak point in the story for me.

The last thing Betty says to me that day is somethi


Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Review: I think I've been avoiding John Steinbeck, consciously or subconsciously, ever since I was a horse-loving teenager and thought that The Red Pony would be a nice, pleasant book to read.

I didn't read any Steinbeck books for years.

But I was in the local library, puttering around in the general fiction shelves, and happened to pull this one out and noticed how short it was--only 107 pages. I had just finished reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which was a 127-page overdose of cheesy 70's inspirati


Bookdragon Sean Review: Now this is what I like to see in a fantasy novel. This has everything that makes the genre so appealing to me; it’s got a diverse set of races and cultural systems; it’s got both great darkness and profound good. But, most importantly, it’s got history. When I read books like this I want to feel like the fantasy universe has existed a thousand years prior and will exist a thousand years after. With Shannara it feels like I’ve stepped into the middle of a vast, complex and beautiful world that h


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