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Author: Philip Campbell

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Publisher:Nature Publishing Group





Incy Black Review: Rich in intrigue, and twists and turns, Haven is a dark, dark PNR/urban fantasy novel of the first class. The world building is superb, so too, the action scenes—the frustration, despair and violence, scarily bold and graphic on the page.

Ember (heroine) steals the show. Here’s one woman who stands tall and brave in her own quiet way. Sure, she’ll appear to concede (when it suits her), but her intelligence always keeps her steps ahead of those who would do her, or those she cares about, harm. Wi


Julie Review: Beauties & Their Beasts

But you don’t know who I’m talking about, do you, because you haven’t read this story yet, because you’re reading the reviews. If you’re a new reader to TS Joyce, you might want to start with the first book in this series, but it isn’t necessary. You get all the backstory and more here.

Karis and Colt are wonderful together, but of course, they have to learn that. An old enemy gets just desserts, and a new enemy springs forth. Lots of changes here in this world. And it


John Martin Review: I was in the mood for this novel after my previous read, which was quite thought-provoking.
I doubt I’ll give this novel many thoughts.
It was light and frothy, with a few laughs but not too many demands on my grey matter.


Jennifer Review: I received this book from a blog tour. Murder mystery is not my usual preference but this book was a nice surprise.

I love books that have great characters. I think I have found a new favorite character in Lou Mason. He is sharp, witty, and not too full of himself. Lou finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery. The law firm that he has been a part of for the past three months is drenched in corruption. Lou needs to find out who murdered one of the partners before he becomes the next dead bo


Andrea Review: I totally blame Ms Prowse for my lack of sleep last night. I had decided to have an early night but thought I'd take a peek at this book first. Big mistake as once I started reading, this book took a grip on me so tightly, that I simply could not stop until the very last page! This is an absolutely stunning novel and the writing is so powerful and emotive that it leaves a lump in the throat throughout. I absolutely know for certain that this book WILL be a bestseller. This is Amanda Prowse at he


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