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1. Title:Нестор Махно

Author: Голованов Василий

FileType: fb2

Publisher:Молодая гвардия




Eunice Moral Review: Ahhhh cliffhanger!!!

Why must the author do this??? Give me the second book!! Shit.Shoot.Shit (sorry I always make reference to the book I just read, don't worry you'll get me after reading this book) I got an arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. First, I requested this one from netgalley because I was in the mood for some new adult, and as most of you may know, new adults often run the same storyline, that after you have read so many of them you could not actually pinpoint whic


Anytha Manson Review: Malheureusement je ne finirai pas ce livre.. je l'ai acheté à sa sortie et l'ai commencé peu de temps après. Ça n'a pas collé. Je n'ai pas aimé les personnages, je trouve que l'univers n'est pas exploité. Je me cherche pas à être méchante et je ne voudrais pas être descendue si je venais à écrire un roman.. mais malheureusement il y a des choses à retravailler. L'idée est bonne, mais pour moi ce n'est pas correctement travaillé. Dommage pour moi.


Sh3lly ✨ addicted to reading ✨ Review: Oh dear. This. This was pretty bad. If you read it as a comedy, however, it's actually quite funny in some parts.

So yeah yeah, it's a Cinderella retelling with a female lead with evil stepsisters and stepmom who is a true BBW - a size 2XL. And she meets a billionaire bear shifter at a fancy "ball" who loves big women and they are fated to be mated and all that. HEA. Yada yada.

The sex scenes?

- "What are you doing” asked Eleanor.

"What every bear dreams of,” said Aspen, pushing the skirts and pett


Janka H. Review: An interesting issue/educational material on the real historical event - the largest slave escape attempt in American history, tell through the story of one young slave girl.

It is a year of 1848. The young six members of Edmonson family (youngest being the heroine, Emily, who is thirteen), all enslaved, are afraid to be sold out from their home, as their owner is facing the financial problems. Raised to value their freedom above all else, they try to run away. So they join the other seventy ens


Adam Dreece Review: The pages couldn't turn fast enough for me to get through this story. Michael's debut tale is one of those that anyone who has followed the news at any point in the past decade could relate to, and is well woven. Being a young adult author myself, it was great to see that this could be enjoyed by a younger audience, without being written explicitly for them.

While there are some elements that show signs of "debut published work", a scene or two that felt rushed or could have been tightened up, th


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