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1. Нестор Махно Голованов Василий fb2 Молодая гвардия 3229521 Russian 2008 Жизнь замечательных людей 1321(1121) [Download]


Bryce Review: I notice that everyone's favorite lists are riddled with the literary classics like Great Expectations or modern smartness like Middlesex.

I bet far more people prefer to sit down with some Dean Koonz or a bodice ripper. So I'm going to stand up and say: I like fantasy. I read it. And I think it's good!


Lola Reviewer Review: I can see how this book might be offensive to some people (if you've read it, you know exactly what I'm talking about), but the author absolutely didn't mean it to be and it is just fiction. Plus, if we want to be mad at someone, we should be mad at a specific character. Just sayin'.

When I first saw this book and read its synopsis, I mentally took a step back. ‘‘Hey, didn’t I read this one already?’’ A big déjà vu moment occurred. I, of course, was thinking of Magonia, which features a characte


Amna Review: This book was pretty great! I loved it because it is what started racial equality and it's a story that needs to be heard, we keep learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks but the story of Emmitt Louis Till is just as important and I wish it was in our history textbooks


AMEERA Review: Wow , Wow , Wow , Wow , Wow , Wow Wow , Wow , Wow , Wow , Wow , Wow


Giselle Review: *Spoiler free for the series*

Sky on Fire, the sequel to Monument 14, is more action packed and exciting, but the writing is still filled with irritating quirks that doesn't allow me to give it a higher rating, no matter how much I might have enjoyed the rest--which was actually quite a bit.

Since we're at it, let me tell you what I mean about the writing. I knew from the first book that the author likes to write as if her readers are a little… slow? The first novel was filled with commentaries an


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