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1. Title:Number theory

Author: George E Andrews

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Ellen Review: If you're a parent raising young children to understand that girls can like ruffles and kicking butt at the same time, this clever and amusing series is an absolute must. A book that can be cute and subvert the patriarchy at the same time? Yes please.


Anne Freya Review: Pure love story antara cewe pemalu dgn cowo pemalu. Super adorable n cute abis. Waduh, aku sukaaa bgt dgn ceritanya... (>_<) Artwork-nya juga bagus n bersih.

Wah, saking pure-nya dua org ini, uda kaya orgil saja aku senyum2 sendiri tiap kali liat interaksi antara pasangan pemalu ini, hehehe. Baru kali ini baca kisah pasangan yg dua2nya pemalu. Biasanya kan salah satunya agresif. :)

Memang alurnya lambaaat bgt, kalo bicara cuma sepatah 2 patah, kebanyakan cuma bertukar sapa atau saling mema


Gill Selling Review: This story really hooked me in. Stella's character was totally believable.
The storyline drew you in from chapter to chapter. The introduction of Lukas. The mysterious man in the cabin.
I felt Stellas loss when no longer near him. No way to contact him. Then bam. There he is. Back in Stellas life. Just not how she thought it would happen.
The betrayal of her boyfriend Aaron. Seems like fate as she crosses paths with Lukas again.
I read as their "relationship" would start then falter. My heart broke


Bonnie Keck Review: Kindle Unlimited, but for all this writer's newer fractals {the ones this year basically} is the ku, all are avaiable for purchase as well. Fractals are curve/geometric figure, and there are also flame fractals which are somewhat different type.

The greatest thing about fruit punch, beside it being really, really sweet, is that it has this great tropical taste. I can taste bananas, raspberry, oranges, pineapple and so on. This collection is like that punch in that it serves up over a hundred flav


Nomes Review: I love the premise of the book (struggling actress! peanut butter commercials! charming guy in acting class! room-mates!) and I adore Lauren Graham (of Gilmore Girls fame). This book called out to me as a comfort read: cute and smiley and fun with a bit of angst thrown in.

This book was (as the blurb promises) CHARMING. Franny is delightfully charming, slightly quirky and kind of all over the place. She has the best of intentions and clings to her dreams... yet is constantly floundering - she's i


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