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Author: George F. Vande Woude and George Klein (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Elsevier, Academic Press




Amy Review: Imagine that you and a few friends get electrocuted in a lightning storm and suddenly find yourselves in 1985. Where would you sleep for the night? What would you do to try to get back to your home time? “It’s an odd feeling to be thinking of a specific time as being home, but [Benjamin realizes] more and more how much it matters to [him] to be in the same flow of time as [all his] friends.” Just when it seems that Benjamin and his friends are hopelessly stuck in a year of big hair and leg warme


Alana Review: "I could bore you with the sunset, the way water tasted/ after so many days without it"


Sue Review: This excellent novel took me somewhat by surprise. I was expecting to be interested in this tale of the art world, theft and possible forgery, Netherlands and the art of the 17th century, but instead I was captivated.

This is such a fascinating story, taking place in 3 distinct time eras: 17th century Netherlands, 1950s New York City and Sydney, Australia of 2000. What might potentially become dangerously confused in less sure hands, is here intriguing and pulls the reader on through the pages a


Carole Review: http://www.my-bo0ks.com/2017/12/elia-...

Ce n’est pas une façon de parler lorsque je disais que j’avais une immense impatience de lire Elia, la passeuse d'âmes, tome 2 : Saison froide. C’est donc tout naturellement qu’avec l’annonce qu’il y aurait quelques exemplaires lors de la dédicace de l’auteure, Marie Vareille (qui soit dit en passant est a-do-rable) à Montreuil, qu’avec les copines nous avons fait le pied de grue sur le stand PKJ pendant… plusieurs heures. Et quelle rencontre <3 Tout ça


Madeleine East Review: This is saw a great read. I was crying as the stories were going back and forth between past and present. It broke my heart seeing how bad Anthony was treated as a child by his Mom and Step-Dad and how he struggled to let his real Dad in to love him the way he should've been loved his whole life. I love the close bond he had with Blake and how Blake wanted to help and include him in things so he wasn't alone.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


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