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Author: George F. Vande Woude and George Klein (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Elsevier, Academic Press




Emily Review: This is a well researched book with beautifully written prose focusing on the later part of Wangari's life. The illustrations are absolutely stunning and are reason enough to include this book in a collection. The combination of printed fabrics and oil paints give each picture such incredible texture and life.


Roy Review: I've never read a Roberts book before as shes never had a book in a genre thats appealed to me. Gave this a read after a promising blurb. A pandemic sweeps across the world, kinda remisncent of other post apocalyptic stories but I felt this became a little too urban fantasy YAish, which by themselves is great, but together it felt disjointed. Too many characters which I felt had no influence on the plot. The concept was great, just didnt pull through with the execution.


Jennifer Kyle Review: 4.5 Stars

”I don’t want to be a monster.”

This book does with a cliffhanger. I’m still waiting on information as an approximate release date for the next book in the series Oblivion (Broken City, #3). What I did find out so far is that there is approximately going to be five books in this series but more if story deems.

This book directly follows book one of the series as Allura is on her way to the Broken City with the guidance of her rescue hottie team, Reece, Blaise and Ryder.

”You go against


Renata Review: The beauty of this book begins with its magical title: The Girl Who Drank the Moon.
Luna is enmagicked as a baby by being fed the silvery honeyed moon beams. I was both jealous of that experience and yet felt kinship with it - how often have I felt graced by the gentle silvery radiance of moonlight! Of course, this being a fantasy novel,Luna's magic was more tangible!
The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a fabulous work of fantasy pulling strongly on the art of storytelling and richly imbued with inte


Diane Buie Review: What words do I use to describe this amazing story of survival, second chances, and learning to live in God's grace after heartache, hurt, and guilt? This tale is all about the human spirit and its' struggle to overcome difficulties that the characters face as well as their attempts to conquer rough terrain where these mountain folk reside. The narrative is set in early American history, the 1850's, where these pioneers learn to live in rugged conditions as much of the western United States was


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