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1. Title:Shape-Selective Catalysis. Chemicals Synthesis and Hydrocarbon Processing

Author: Chunshan Song, Juan M. Garcés, and Yoshihiro Sugi (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:American Chemical Society




Deborah Halliday Review: In The Body Keeps the Score, psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk has demonstrated the rare ability to write a book that is appropriate for multiple audiences: the general public, undergraduate and graduate students, and current medical, social work, and counseling practitioners. Those unfamiliar with the causes and mechanisms of trauma and PTSD will learn what trauma is, how it originates, and how it affects the body, mind, and spirit. Those already familiar with trauma from the standpoint of psych


Elaine Review: I quite enjoyed this lighter read of Moriarty's. Although perhaps not as dramatic as The Husband's Secret or as emotional asWhat Alice Forgot, it was still an entertaining read that had me both laughing out loud and tearing up. It came as a pleasant change to what I had read just before it, so I was glad for the less intense contents of this book. Mind you as you were waiting for the story to escalate and it does, it was quite gripping as well. I have not read a Liane Moriarty book yet that I've


Kevin Doyle Review: I grabbed this picture book during the same library visit when I checked out " Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers. My kids and I were SO excited for "Stuck" that I figured the others would pale in comparison. However, "Little Owl Lost" quickly became the star of the batch.

This book has all the elements of an outstanding picture book:

Super-simple writing that's executed perfectly. I particularly love how sure the squirrel is that he can help. Upon hearing about the owl's predicament, squirrel says "Yes, y


Nancy Review: Fun to be in Mexico and read a novel about the Yucatán where we are. I enjoyed it.


Kat Kennedy Review: Stolen is such a singular reading experience that its difficult to decide how I feel about it.

Gemma is a sixteen year old English girl kidnapped by Ty and taken into the Western Australian outback where she is held prisoner.

I had to give this book five stars for several reasons. One of the reasons is because it was so fantastically well written. Beautiful, touching, heart breaking and real. Christopher doesn't spare on the details both good and bad. Never before have I felt a book to be so real,


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