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Author: Felix Bronner and Arnost Kleinzeller (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Elsevier, Academic Press




Jessica Avery Review: quick and fun read! if you like the other books then read this one


Ebookwormy1 Review: This will be a long and personal review because I’m going to tell you, right from the start, that Catherine McNiel is a treasured friend.

If you saw this book on the shelf with it’s bright photograph of a mother carrying a child who has muddied her back, and read the title, “Long Days of Small Things,” I love that you would know immediately what this book is about. The challenge to grow in love for Christ, husband and children through the long, hard, days is a relevant topic. Catherine’s rejectio


Brad Review: So some idiot here on goodreads is complaining about Jeffrey Brown's Vader books because they don't follow the Star Wars stories closely enough, because they take liberties with Lucas's magnum opus. He even goes so far as to express concern for the victims of Darth Vader, as if they are real people in some real galaxy far, far away.

Enough taking this shit so seriously, morons! C'mon. It's just a silly Science Fantasy series, which really has nothing all that important to tell us in its original


Angela M Review: 4+ Stars

At the heart of the story is a seven year old girl without friends, an outsider in her school who is loved deeply by her cantankerous , seventy-seven year old grandmother. I was taken by Elsa and her grandmother from the very beginning. It's the story of the beautiful legacy that a grandmother leaves her granddaughter. Granny may seem crazy but she is such a very loving grandmother to Elsa that the things she does while they seem crazy , can be so easily forgiven by the reader once her s


Hussain Hamadi Review: رواية هيا نشر شاعرا
المؤلف : أفونشوكروش برتغالي الجنسية
نوع الكتاب : قصة قصيرة
عدد صفحات الكتاب: 82 صفحة

ملخص القصة:
تتحدث الرواية عن طفلة في عمر 12 سنة لديها اب يعمل بالتجارة وأم ربة منزل وشقيق يحمل مقدارا كبيرا من السخافة. تقرر الطفلة ان تشتري شاعرا بدل من شراء اي حيوان اليف وذلك لتحتفظ به وتطلب من والدها ذلك فيلبي لها طلبها.

تمضى احداث عديدة لهم تؤدي الى ان يتخلّوا عن الشاعر ومن ثم يترك الأب المنزل بعد أزمة اقتصادية وخلاف مع زوجته ليحقق بعد ذلك نجاحا باهرا في تجارته

فكرة القصة :
في مجتمع يهتم


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