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1. Title:Adventure Sports Coaching

Author: Matt Berry, Jane Lomax, Chris Hodgson

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Matthew Review: Dan Brown is back with some of his best work in a while. I was not a huge fan of his last two – Inferno and The Lost Symbol. I think for me they seemed kind of stale after Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. Origin is now probably my second favorite of his (behind Angels and Demons).

Some of the key points:

Religion and Science – this is a big battle in our world today. It is an exhausting battle for someone like me who goes to church but also loves science. I worry that the feeling is star


pati Review:
Having overslept on the day he is supposed to deliver his sleighful of presents, Santa finds everything going wrong as he frantically scrambles to get ready for the big job.


BP34 Review: Iris, a college senior was interning at her father's best friend Callum's real estate office. She had crushed on him for years but he was so much older and she was off limits. He was a billionaire widower who was basically a playboy without any substance in his life. They both know a relationship is taboo but their attraction is just too great and their sex is explosive. Then there's a surprise baby that causes her to flee because she doesn't know how he'll react. Babies were on his want list. L


Patricia Review: Clementine might want to reconsider claiming that she has arthritis---she just might get her wish, thus joining over 300,000 children--including babies-- who have the dreadfully painful and debilitating disease in real life. It is a horrible, horrible, horrible disease. I know my now ten year old daughter has been fighting it since she was a baby. Her fight has included countless medical tests, blood work, shots of chemotherapy drugs, countless pills taken several times a day, physical therapy,


Janine Review: The most enjoyable part was that Lucas asked me to read it to him.


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