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1. Title:Воспитание нравственных чувств у старших дошкольников

Author: Буре Р.С., Година Г.Н., Виноградова А.М.

FileType: djvu





Sue Review: This is a war novel but it's not about what happens to the soldiers in battles but what happens to the family of a soldier who doesn't return. This is the story of Betsy, a teenage girl, whose brother Nathan dies in the Vietnam War. The entire family is overwhelmed with grief but it's Betsy that the novel centers on. She feels guilty because she never got to really say good bye to her brother and she misses him terribly. As a result of her feelings, she starts hanging out with a rough crowd at s


Gladys Review: January On Fire is a very entertaining and enjoyable read. This steamy book has plenty of heart. A very charming fake marriage romance about Brady and Cassidy. Sometimes fun, sometimes sweet and often hot, I highly recommend this book. I'm posting an honest voluntary review after reading an advance copy of this book.


Kandee Review: This is a debut?!!? WHAT? We need more authors like this out here.

This book is not at all what it seems. I was expecting a book like Gone Girl and what I got was a relative of it. If you liked Gone Girl, you will like The Good Girl. It had me racing through the pages until the very end, WHICH BLEW...MY...MIND!

It didn't really hit me what was going on until the last few pages. I had to reread a couple of pages to get it, but it was enjoyable, not annoying where I just didn't get it. I had an id


Bobbi Review: Taralynn shares a house with her 3 best friends which happen to be guys. She's also in love with one of them. It just so happens that he treats her like dirt. Always putting her down and making her cry. But he's also very loyal to her.

Shawn does his best to stay out of the house when Taralynn is there. He's not good enough for her. Never has been and never will be. She deserves better than him and it's best if he stays away. But she's so damn beautiful.

There's a lot of the love-hate relationship


Candace Review: 5 Candi Kisses

Another great story from one of the best humor writers ever.
Welcome back to Hung Island, Georgia where the were's rule and hilarity ensues.
We return to Hung to find Dima the Dragon trying to entice Seth. Dima is a 499 year old Dragon and if she does not mater by the time she turned 500 she will die. (some crazy curse on the royal family line). Knowing she hasn't got much time she decides that the only way to make sure her hoarde is safe is to kill her evil father the Dragon King (


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