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1. Title:Mathematical Essays in honor of Gian-Carlo Rota

Author: George E. Andrews (auth.), Bruce E. Sagan, Richard P. Stanley (eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Birkhäuser Basel





♥Sharon♥ Review: Bloody hell! This is crazy indeed. After 39 books the magic is still there!!

Festive in Death is another wonderful addition to this series. While there wasn’t an OMG factor to the murders and mystery it still packed a punch. J.D. Robb works wonders with her plots and characters right up to the very end.

If I am being honest though I rather enjoyed the fact that the setting also finds Eve, Roarke and the gang at Christmas time.

Going along with Eve holiday shopping, party planning and gift giving


Lynnie Review: Another wonderful cookbook from Ina Garten.

There are some great recipes in this book and lots of tips on entertaining. I continue to enjoy how she makes everything seem effortless and doable- and I know that her recipes will work every time. I really like that she had menu ideas at the back of the book- ways to put the included dishes together to make a full meal for a dinner party. She is quickly becoming my go-to chef for recipes and ideas.


Sura ✿ Review: " طاحت علينا السما "
يــالله ! تنهيدة اختناق ..
من اين ابدأ ؟ لا احبذ اضافة مختصر عن الرواية في مقدمة مراجعتي فهذه الرواية لا يجوز ان تُختصر ,او تلخص .. او تُمنع ! ياللعار , يال واقعنا المخزي.
اليوم هو نتيجة الأمس وغداً سيكون النتيجة المرتبتة عليهما.

قسم السنعوسي الرواية الى اربعة اجزاء :
1- الفأر شرر -بداية شرر الفتنة .
2- الفأر لظى - الشرارة تتحول الى نار .
والقسمين الاولين ما هما الا واقع الامس .
3- الفأر جمر- النار تستعر - وهو اليوم
4-( الفأر رماد .. وهو نتيجة الامس واليوم ,( غداً .
ومما لا شك في


Jim Review: Another good read. The universe didn't get any more complex & the story line continued quite logically, except for the 'hidden' person I mentioned in my last review. I found the reasons for that & the character's reasoning behind it to be weak. It wasn't the person I suspected, either.

Again, the book has plenty of action & good characters. Well worth the few hours it takes to read.


Alan Review: First, I feel like I should have wrapped up this series awhile ago. Mea culpa on dragging my feet. This is a series that I enjoy a good deal, but like Bill Willingham's Fables there were times when the series dragged for me.

This volume was a bit of walking through mud to finish. I nearly two starred this review, I even thought about a one star, but I started volume eight last night and so far the problems I have with this volume seem to be resolved come the second half of the story (so far anyw


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