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1. Нестор Махно: Легенда і реальність Волковинський В. zip 1230873 Ukrainian [Download]


Kelly (and the Book Boar) Review: Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

When I initially posted the "review" below (based solely on leaked segments) the day before Fire and Fury was officially released, I had no idea my little bit of nothing would get as much attention as it has. I also didn't really plan on reading the book. But then somehow the library decided it should order SIXTY copies of the thing and I went from 90th on the wait list to it being my turn before even a week was over (many thanks to th


Shannon Review: I honestly think the author might be pulling ideas out of a hat instead of having a coherent plan for where the plot will go. Last issue sealed it for me—I'm abandoning this series. I just don't know what it's trying to be anymore and I'm either confused or annoyed after each issue.

Individual issue reviews: #11 | #12 | #13 | #14 | #15

Total review score: 1.8


Lauren Review: maybe
these poems are just
randomly separated
by hitting enter

or maybe
I just don't get poetry

trigger warnings: rape, abuse


May Review: Great story! Character development for Callie was good, and she was really relatable. She likes to take charge and not rely on anyone, but I think it would've been nice if she were more accepting of Nate's help. There were some cute NatexCallie moments though!

Also it was kind of obvious what Jonathon was, and I think the ending was too rushed. There was a lot of new info at once and it was hard to digest. I'm sure it goes into more detail in the next book though! Overall a great start to a new s


Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews Review:
"Hello Sunshine” normally meant someone was leaving a compliment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The day of Sunshine Stephens’ 35th birthday didn't bode well for the “hello sunshine” greeting.

Everything she had made up about herself was being made public by a hacker, and no one knew who the hacker was.

Sunshine's life was turned upside down personally and professionally. Not telling the truth from the start backfired on her.

When Sunshine started her career as a TV chef, she should have been tr


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