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1. Title:Нестор Махно: Легенда і реальність

Author: Волковинський В.

FileType: zip





~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ Review: Simeon and Adrián are not friends. They used to be. But Simeon left the Predators for the Barons, and Adrián, not willing to acknowledge his attraction or feelings of betrayal, talked smack about Simeon nonstop—first accusing Simeon of stealing the Predators' play book, later bullying Simeon on social media with microaggressive comments about Simeon’s sexuality.

The two get in each other's face at a preseason game, and the result is a six-week suspension and forced togetherness as volunteers for


Lg Review: The culmination of this 9 part incredible series about men of epic wealth and power and the women who become their partners in all things comes to a close on high note.

Mateo Saint has is heart and bank account purchasing a mountain to create his ultimate test of human mental and physical strength. He doesn't realize that his real challenge is convincing Elizabeth Fraiser, the owner of the mountain's daughter, that his plans are honest and legitimate. She is super smart and has plans of her own


Derrick Review: 3.5 stars


Elyse Review: This is a beautifully written novel, (to be savored), which will linger in your mind and heart.

While deeply engaged with the intimate storytelling of parents Bill and Penny, and their children: Robert, Rebecca, Ryan, and James, (characters so rich and nuanced), I began to question, "what does it mean to be a good sibling? , a good father? , a good mother"?

There are several themes throughout "The Children's Crusade" which are worthy to examine in discussion. Its an excellent book-club pick!



Aisling Zena Review: 4 stars

To my smut lovers, fair warning, this has no rumpy pumpy in it. I really enjoyed it anyway though and that's rare for me. This is a regency era fantasy book. I found the powers described in it very interesting and intriguing. Imagine, Regent England with fire starters(Scorchers), telekinetics (Movers), teleporters(Bounders) and a woman that's not just a Scorcher but an Extraordinary one (meaning she can stop the fire and manipulate it). Simply, kick ass!

More detailed review, later. Maybe.


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