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1. Title:Вопросы эксплуатационной живучести авиакоиструкций

Author: Арепьев А.Н., Громов М.С., Шапкин B.C.

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Воздушный транспорт




Veronica Review: Wow. As a military spouse myself who has been through 3 deployments, I was excited to read this book. When it arrived, I put it on the nightstand and stared at it. How could I possibly read it? I would just cry through the whole book. As it turns out, I did not cry, at least not as much as I was afraid I would. Ms. Starnes does an excellent job of laying out parallel themes of her childhood and her adulthood. She shows how military families have unique problems, but they also have very common pr


Bibliophile Book Club Review: Review on the blog tour in January!


cwilliams01 Review: Made me nut

this book was so freaking AWESOME, with a capital A!!!! My husband and I enjoyed this book. I'll probably read it again.


mith Review: Haha, awkward. How badly I wanted to like this book and how drastically it fell from my expectations.

Look, frankly, I was wary about this book. I was giving it the benefit of the doubt but I am always wary about authors writing about a culture such as this one. It's not that I think they didn't do their research well... it's that I just don't think they'll be able to tell this culture's story well. As it should be told, if that makes sense.

Anyway, despite that, I went into it still hoping I'd li


Leonard Kim Review: The last two Princess in Black books, though good, didn't quite reach the heights of the first two. This one comes roaring back. High craft. There is more poetry in this book than in many "real" poetic books for children.


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