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1. A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures - Continental Europe and its Empires Prem Poddar, Rajeev S. Patke, Lars Jensen pdf 5246577 English 2009 [Download]


Kathy Review: This is a review for Addison Cain's short, Strangeways. I have not read any of the other stories in this collection.

I'm a huge Addison Cain fan. I LOVE her Omega/Alpha books. I'm not sure how many times I read the Alpha Claim series. I'm eagerly awaiting her second book to the new Stolen series and the continuation of her short story Consumed that is going to be a new series. I gobble up everything she puts out. I even gobbled up this new short story, Strangeways, that will be in the new Alien A


Ahmad Sharabiani Review: کتاب «موکل»، با عنوان «موکل خطرناک»، در: 473 صفحه، توسط نشر البرز نیز، منتشر شده است. داستان درباره «مایک» پسرکی یازده ساله، و برادرش «ریکی» است که ناخواسته شاهد خودکشی مردی در علفزارهای کنار خانه خویش هستند، «مایک» به دلیل شرایط سخت زندگی، خود را پشتیبان مادر، و برادر کوچکترش میداند، او برای نجات مرد نیز سعی میکند، اما، گیر میافتد. مرد تصمیم میخواهد که در پایان لحظات عمرش، تنها به سوی مرگ نرود، او میخواهد «مایک» نیز، همراهش باشد. مرد از راز قتل یکی از سناتورهای امریکایی، توسط موکل خویش پرده برم


Charla Hale Review: Chills and Goosebumps!!!

So many times the exclamations of WTF and OMG came out of my mouth with one hand to my throat and the other waiting to turn the page!! A thrill ride from beginning to end!!


karen Review: somehow, this is my very first margaret drabble novel.

i know.

and while i can look at it objectively and see the strength of its craft, it never really grabbed me as a reader. part of that is due to the shape of the book: it is ostensibly about jess and her pure gold, developmentally disabled baby anna, but it is told at a remove, through a friend of jess' named nellie. nellie seems to have quite a lot of access to jess and her thoughts and actions, but still - at the end of the day - there is a


Carolina Ratri Review: nggak tahu musti nulis apa, juga nggak tahu bisa ngereview apa enggak. cuma merasa ... apa ya ... segar (?) saat membacanya. don't get me wrong. tapi ada keindahan dalam novel ini, dan kalau kamu mau ikutan baca, lebih baik kosongkan dulu otakmu dari hal-hal yang ngeres, maka kamu akan bisa liat keindahannya.

Review lengkap: https://carralibrary.wordpress.com/20...


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