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1. Title:Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Vol. 27

Author: Sir David Bates, Benjamin Bederson (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Academic Press





Elyse Review: Audiobook... a gift from Vio: Thank You Vio!!!

I did like the Gilmore Girls...but admit, I didn’t watch the reunion series. I was ‘done’ by the time it came around. I actually liked the show “Parenthood”- much better than “The Gilmore Show”, where Lauren Graham was part of the ensemble cast. I felt that overall the “Parenthood” had more substance.

Lauren Graham speaks ‘consistently’ soooo fast during the entire audiobook- it becomes draining.

There were a few parts in the beginning I thought were


Keri Review: 3.5 Stars for me. It wasn't that this wasn't a good book, it was. Corte is a new character for Deaver, not sure if we will see him again. Corte works for a shadow government agency that protects individuals from harm. He has many people that don't want him to complete his mission. Where I had issues with the book was it was wrote in first person. My least favorite tense. Eventually I got used to it and was able to get into the story. Corte came off as a loney individual and after reading the sur


Maria Review: I will add to this review when the anthology comes out and I read more of the book. This is for the first four stories that I was lucky to review. If the rest of the anthology is like the novellas I have just read then this is a MUST buy for everyone who loves sci-fi romance.

Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood

This is a great novel about Sassik and Blue. It follows along with the Machinery of Desire world. While this is a novella it seems like a full story. There was humor, there was steam, there


Mary Beth Review: For those of you who loved Shadow Man. Here is another one that is just as intense!

This book is just so Awesome! It ROCKED on and on! I finished this book three hours ago and my heart is still pounding. I had to put this book down many times because it was so horrifying. It is a very dark intense crime thriller that just made #1 on my reading list for this year. It is a winner. It is so gritty, disturbing and dark. The serial killer
who calls himself ,The Prophet, was just as evil as the serial


Anzu The Great Destroyer Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. *mild spoilers*
Cyborgs!!!! *squeeaaaal*

Androids!!!! *squeeaaaal*

New Beijing!!!! *squeeaaaal*

Cinderella!!!!! *sque—uhm, I’m more of a Beauty and the Beast girl. But not bad.

Cinder was one helluva ride for me. Saying that it was a special one is an understatement. Why I call it special? Because of the ups and downs it had. If you read my Kindle notes for this review you’d thing I’m suffering of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

What do you think doctor House? Am I sick? Can it be treated??



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