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Author: I. Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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Wendy Darling Review: "You see it in all animals - the female of the species is more deadly than the male."

4.5 stars Holy shit, this is good. It sounds like it's going to be a revenge thriller, and it is--but it's also a searing takedown of rape culture and a merciless examination of the way violence begets violence. Riveting prose, three clear POVs, and a relentless story that doesn't try to provide answers, but forces you to think about the things we excuse legally and socially. In a year in which we've stood by an


Angela M Review:
There are notable as well as unsung heroes who protected some Jews from the Holocaust. We know about Oskar Schindler and I most recently learned about Irena Sendler. This is an admirable attempt to capture a story that I knew nothing about - the German circus and how some Jews were hidden as circus performers. I found it interesting because I didn't know about it and uplifting to know there were good people willing to take risks to save their fellow man.

Noa, a 16 year old Dutch girl, makes a mi


Penny Review: I really enjoyed this book! I was captivated and interested from the start which is really important for me. I don't like books that are slow to start and often put them aside after a few chapters if it hasn't grabbed my attention by then.

I didn't notice Feist spend any time at the beginning on world-building, but rather it felt like he let the world of Midkemia spring up around a diverse and interesting cast of characters. I loved all of the main characters and felt them grow and change as tim


Cooper Carrington Review: your poetry
is almost as terrible
as your love life


Noor Abu Hassan Review: جميل من نوعه


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