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1. Title:Вечера занимательной арифметики

Author: Котов А.Я.

FileType: djvu





Julie Review: I was led to this book by Trish's great review as it would not have been on my radar otherwise.

I enjoyed the satire very much, but as a sustained roar, it started to lose power after a while. I think that's because I get far too much of the real thing on the news for it to be effective. Alec Baldwin is superb as DJT on SNL -- but the reason he is, (for me at least) is that I can view him in small doses. Fifteen minutes is my humour limit on DJT, it appears; and so, I read it in 15 minute increme


Jillian Heise Review: I adored this book & Arturo's journey! I was surrounded by warm feelings about family and community and culture and the power of speaking out and sticking up for who and what you love, and how much more difficult that is as an adolescent.


Featherheart Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This review contains MAJOR spoilers.
The writing was excellent, the characters believable, but the plot? I was disappointed in this last installment of Power of Three, reasons listed below:
1. What was the point of having Hollyleaf through all the rest of the books if she wasn't one of the three and was just going to die? It makes the whole series seem a little pointless. I think the Erins did it because she didn't have any special powers like Lionblaze and Jayfeather, but still.
2. I like continui


Sherri Review: the art was meh.


Catarina Review: 4,5 Redeeming Stars.

In this modern twist of the “Beauty and the Beast”, Paul is an ex-marine who was badly hurt in a mission, and now lives recluse in his own mansion ashamed of how he looks and his physical complications. Olivia is a girl who made some mistakes in the past and now she’s looking for redemption. She decides that that best way to get it is to help a war veteran to recover. What she wasn’t expecting was the veteran be close to her in age, and quite good-looking despite the scars an


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