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1. Title:Alan Lomax, Assistant in Charge: The Library of Congress Letters, 1935-1945 (American Made Music)

Author: Ronald D. Cohen

FileType: pdf

Publisher:University Press of Mississippi





Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Review:

Reread 04/18 : Skimming through this again because I just got the arc of Paper and Fire. WOOT!

Actual rating : 3.5 Happily rounded up at 4 because DUH. BOOKS.

In my honest opinion the strength of Ink and Bone lies first in the plot, which is entertaining as hell, and in the world-building, which contains several of my main interests : think books, automatons, alchemy, a dystopian world ruled by Librarians who control every knowledge (or aim to) and an academy blended together. Exciting? FUCK YEA


eman Review: في قلبي أنثى عنصرية

ذاك هو العنوان الأنسب لهذه الرواية المتحيزة بالدرجة االأولى،هنا كل ماهو مسلم جميل وواضح لا لبس فيه ولا غبار عليه،المجتمع المسلم هنا تجسيد صريح للإنسانية المطلقة أما ما دونه فيمثل العكس،على الرغم أنني وجدت أن كلا المجتمعين اليهودي والمسيحي للذين قدمتهم الكاتبة في روايتها هذه وجدتهما أكثر انفتاحا وتسامحا من نظيرهما المسلم _ولكن سبحان الله يامؤمن_احنا المسلمين كده فلة شمعة منورة برضه.

فكرة جيدة خاصة أنها مبنية على قصة حقيقية لكن الأسلوب المباشر جدا للكاتبة والتحيز الشديد منها للإس


Laura Rash Review: I liked the storyline of this but it was a little confusing. Alternating from POV & a diary (that I wasn't sure was fact, fiction or altered) it was hard to keep track & I kept having to reread parts. I also predicted the "big secret" very early.

Thanks to Harlequin books for this goodreads giveaway in exchange for review.


Sarah Review: I wavered between giving this book three or four stars, but decided on three because of several essays in the middle that I didn't find particularly interesting and could have done without. In general, these essays provide an insightful look at music in general, how it plays a part in our lives and its impact on culture.

Because the essays are written by Nick Hornby, they are often quite funny, and almost always well-crafted. I love his general lack of pretension about his music tastes, and that


Christie Review: Excellent. I will be reading all other books by this author


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