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1. Title:Завет грядущего - Библия будущего

Author: Арепьев Игорь Витальевич

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Osvaldo Review: Neta no puedo, cada vez es más mind-fuck


.Lili. Review:

Down by Contact by Santino Hassell is the enemies to lovers story of Simeon and Adrián. They were once teammates and friends, but things quickly soured between them when Simeon was traded from the Predators to the Barons. Adrián made it his mission to bully his old teammate in any way he could. During a preseason game, the two get into it causing them both to get suspended and having to do community service- together. What ensues is slow burn deliciousness.

Some highlights:

-Simeon, in Illegal Co


Colleen Venable Review: Fantastically Written? Ooooh yeah! Compelling? Yup! Super Quick Read? Most definitely! Original? Um...well *shuffles feet, since I seem to be a rare non-five star-er* not original at all really....

Man, I wish someone on my friends list here has also read Battle Royale and this book! The Hunger Games WAS pretty fantastic, hence the four stars (though I would have given 3 1/2 if the choice was available.) I ate it up, shouting into other rooms and offices that I was going to be shoving the book i


Tiblu Review: LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!! I Seriously NEVER WANTED IT TO E D!!! Please let be more!!!!

The Title says it all!!!! I seriously loved this book, recently I have read soo many books especially sci/if aliens etc. books where either the book ended before the characters were honestly/really done telling their Story or the "story" wasn't very good and the lead characters (at least for me weren't very likable or believable . Like say a couple meeting one night at a bar on a space station,and as the guy is


Kathy * Bookworm Nation Review: #BookLove #BookHangOver #FavoriteCouple #SwoonyRomance #AmazingWriting #StayedUpTooLate #BookBoyfriend #MustRecommendToAllMyFriends #zogood

My first book of the new year and the bar has been set. Very high. I already had a book hangover before I even finished reading and I'm seriously contemplating reading it again when I finish writing this review. #ReadAgain #JustDoIt

Not sure if it's clear or not, but I really enjoyed this one. I can't remember the last time I read a book and had a #dopeygrin o


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