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1. Title:Particle Penetration and Radiation Effects Volume 2: Penetration of Atomic and Molecular Ions

Author: Peter Sigmund (auth.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer International Publishing





H Gibson Review: Daymond John is a salesman, and right now he wants to sell you his book. I recommend borrowing it from the library. The text is easy to read, like a conversation between brothers, and just this side of used car salesman. By page 57, I was skimming tales of John's life until I found the main points listed in the back. This could have been boiled down to an inspirational glossy brochure.


Jean Antonello Review: For the first time in 57 years I finally get the whole feast/famine/why you need to eat on a consistent basis! Thank you, Jean Antonello, for finally FINALLY putting it in a way that I could understand it. This book makes the entire "diet" industry superfluous! Truly. Just understanding the reasons why classic diets don't work at keeping the weight off has been eye opening.


Abby Spiel Review: You Can't Go To School Naked is a humorous book about a boy who wants to go to school naked because he does not like clothes, but his parents insist that he cannot! They tell him all of the things he can't do naked, like play in the snow, slide on the baseball field, or hold his things in his pockets. They tell him there will be consequences if he does not wear clothes to school, so the boy comes up with a better idea.

I love this book because I felt like it kept me engaged the whole time because


Kelly (and the Book Boar) Review: Find all of my reviews at:

I can’t even believe I’m about to admit this, but Goodreads gets the credit for me requesting Pasadena from the library. This was one of the “recommended to you” pop-ups that clog rarely show up on my feed and . . . . dat cover. The synopsis didn’t sound too shabby either.

After a superbadawful Jude decides to check out of the Hotel California and visit her father across the country. She barely touches down on the East Coast when she i


Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads Review: Sooooo . . .

This one . . . I had issues. LOTS of issues. Like a MULTITUDE of unanswered questions. Like the chaotic mess of the last 20%, followed by the way too easy (inevitable) demise of Bad Guy(s)--seriously, during one of them, Sanderson actually said, "just like that."


Do you guys want to hear that a HEP big Bad Guy was thwarted/overthrown/vanquished/etc. "just like that"?

B/c I do NOT.


Sanderson. So many, many good things as well.

Full RTC.

My other reviews for this serie


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