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1. Title:За балканскими фронтами Первой мировой войны

Author: Рос. акад. наук. Ин-т славяноведения, Ассоц. историков Первой мировой войны; [Редкол.: В.Н. Виноградов;Виноградов, Владлен Николаевич;ред.

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Matthew Review: The conclusion (it would seem) to what is being called The Highway Quartet. Yes, quartet would indicate 4 books, but you never know - I wouldn't be surprised to see Cassie Dewell back for another adventure.

I can't help but give this one 5 stars. I always enjoy Box's novels. They are suspenseful. The bad guys are usually super creepy and do spine chilling and terrifyingly twisted stuff. Also, I never get tired of the fact that his heroes get no respect until they save the day. Each satisfying con


Emma Review: This was far too dense for me. I can see that this is literary fantasy/ dystopia, but I really couldn’t get on with it. I like books, generally speaking,that make the reader “work for it” but I was doing all the work and not getting much pleasure!
Many thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Melissa Chung Review: 5 stars! It was great. I loved pretty much everything about it.

Cardboard is about a down in luck dad named Mike. His wife has passed away and he is trying to raise is son Cam all alone. He is also between jobs and no one is hiring. A sad start to any story. It's his sons birthday and he wants to buy him something great but he can't afford anything. Mike sees a stand on the side of the road selling cheap toys. The man, Mr. Gideon, learns that Mike's son Cam is a really good boy and so he sells Mi


Newton Nitro Review: (Resenha da Série Inteira)

Só quem foi adolescente nos anos 80, e que era completamente nerd com a paranoia nuclear e a Guerra Fria, como eu era, pode entender como foi marcante assistir aquele anime maravilhoso naquela época, naquele tempo. A possibilidade de um apocalipse nuclear era mais concreta do que a cadeira esquenta o meu traseiro nesse momento. Eu, na minha piração nerd adolescente, usava essas narrativas pós-apocalípticas como guias de sobrevivência, com aquela visão de “o que eu faria


Kristieanna Review: Here's the thing, I never read this book. On a lark, I tried to remember all of the DS books i read during the summer between 5th and 6th grade. At the community pool, Sun-In brand hair lightener in hand, I would devour book by smutty book while soaking up the sun and attempting to get the adult male lifeguard to admire my pert little girl tits. I could finish one during peak tanning hours (between 10-2) and get home to catch the remainder of One LIfe to Live and the entire episode of General Ho


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