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Author: I. Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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Scribs Review: Martine, you kind of amaze me.

This latest book, especially since my own daughter was diagnosed with something difficult like the MC's bi-polar disorder, made me wonder (for the millionth time) at your incredible insight into us. Mere humans. I'm not sure I'd count you as one of us in all your brilliance, though how else could you understand us so well?

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes (though it's hard to choose):

"I'm already broken. This is about putting the pieces back together."

"You k


Bill Review: A Letter of Mary is the 3rd book in the Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes mystery series by Laurie R. King. I have to say that I continue to have mixed feelings about the series. The concept in itself, Russell who started off being mentored by Holmes is now his wife and works cases with him. Holmes, himself, is basically retired from detective work and they live on a piec of land in Sussex where Holmes raises bees and Russell works on a degree at Oxford while also spending time with her husband.


Jana Review: A lot of things are troubling me about The Hunger Games. A lot of things which I more and more perceive and which are not solely connected with this book but with the metaphor behind the words. People attach themselves to fictional freedom without seeing what really something is and which unfortunately is here to stay because you can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. You can’t make a shift on a deeper level, if the only thing that attracts you to this book is – a vision of fight, r


Lola Reviewer Review:
Woah. I mean, woah. There are so many things to love about this comic. The plot, the atmosphere, the characters, the action, the magic… those things… oh my. What I’ve seen so far impressed me, grandly, and if it weren’t because I highly wanted to review this book right away, I would be right this moment halfway through the second volume. Goddamn cliffhanger. Loved it.

Now, this comic is composed of so many elements that I never dreamed I would one day come to mightily admire, such as monsters, we


Marianne Review: 3.5 ★s

Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash is the third novel by award-winning Indonesian author, Eka Kurniawan to be translated into English. In his early teens, Ajo Kawir witnesses a vicious assault which renders him impotent. Thereafter, he takes out his frustrations on anyone nearby who’s willing to fight. When he happens on Iteung, a tough fighter who is also a beautiful girl, his life changes: he’s fallen in love. But surely Iteung will not want an impotent husband?

Fast forward eleven ye


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