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Author: Freud Sigmund

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Sophie Review: I loved this series! Because Tokumaru is a pretty unruly and clumsy student, his sister decides it would be a great idea if he joined the tea ceremony club. There he meets Hasune, and the two end up falling in love.

Even though it was a story about high school students, it felt pretty grown up. Sure, some of the problems the two have are high school problems, but their behavior overall felt more grown up (or maybe just saner) than some of the behavior of adults in other manga I've read. I liked t


RitaSkeeter Review: It's been a long time since I've picked up a Picoult novel. I enjoyed the first few I read, but then got worn down by how formulaic they were. Pick a topical moral dilemma, weave a story around it, throw in some court room action and hey presto a bestseller.

Given it's been awhile, I was surprised to find Picoult has strayed from that tried and tested formula. This book does not have a story worked around a moral dilemma, and there's no court room drama either. Instead, well, there's a bit of a m


Ingrid Review: None of the original creators were credited in this book. It is blatant plagiarism. Support the real viners and not this 'book'.


Fotooh Jarkas Review: الرواية تدور حول ثلاث محاور رئيسية ، الوحدة و الأنانية والفراق ..
قصة مايكل أنجلو و ألمه وهو يتطاول لتزيين سقف كنيسة السيستين ، تحمل رمزية رائعة..
فقد نكون يوما سقفا عاليا ، كسقف الكنيسة هذا..
لكن أقل شأنا منه .
نسبب بكبرنا و تعالينا ألما لمن يحاول جاهدا أن يزين حياتنا
ربما يكون إنسانا على قدر من الرفعة والقداسة ...
و ربما يكون أما

ليست رواية اعتيادية أبدا
هناك أرواح تحكي هذه الرواية ، تشبه أرواحنا في كفرها وإيمانها
في عطائها وشحها وجحودها و نكرانها ...
و أحيانا بل و نادرا في اعترافها و امتنانها...


Scribs Review: Martine, you kind of amaze me.

This latest book, especially since my own daughter was diagnosed with something difficult like the MC's bi-polar disorder, made me wonder (for the millionth time) at your incredible insight into us. Mere humans. I'm not sure I'd count you as one of us in all your brilliance, though how else could you understand us so well?

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes (though it's hard to choose):

"I'm already broken. This is about putting the pieces back together."

"You k


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