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1. Practical Bifurcation and Stability Analysis Rüdiger Seydel (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag New York 6396288 English 2010 Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics 5 [Download]


Nicola Review: Cathryn Fox delivers a hefty helping of hot and steamy in our second outing with the Blue Bay Crew, where Jamie and his new, albeit temporary, neighbour, Kylee waste no time in getting to know one another.

An affair with Jamie Owens, Blue Bay’s very own bad boy. How naughty.”

Leveled can pretty much be summed up in one sentence: porn with a storyline. The dirty talk did venture into eyerollworthy territory on occasion and the storyline outside of the sex could have done with more depth, but to


Liz Review:
Talk about how to grab a reader. “Jamie Brandt was not a bad mother. Later she would tell that to anyone who would listen: police, reporters, lawyers, her parents, her boyfriend, her dealer, the new bartender with the knuckle tattoos at Schultz’s…”.

What Luna does is get the characters exactly right. In just a few pages, she was able to nail the main characters. I loved Cap from right off the bat. An ex-cop and current PI, he loves his teenage daughter and the two of them together just seemed re


Katie Review: 5++ justice doesn't know how to play fair stars

Holy shit. This book was BEYOND amazing. Dark, sexy, & violent.

I literally cannot put into words how much I loved this book, so instead I included a few of my favorite quotes from this book...

"Trust me, when someone fucks with something that's in my possession. I. Am. Brutal."

"What we have is like a poppy blooming from the blood-soaked soil of war. A beautiful tragedy."

"One minute I'm falling apart, and the next, strong arms are wrapping around


Rachel Review: I liked this book. It took me awhile to really get into the story, I was confused in the beginning about what the main characters story was. The beginning through me for a loop, but once I was halfway in to the story I couldn't put the book down. The love between the two main characters is refreshing. The ending gets me excited to read the next book.


Deanna Review: WOW!

I just finished this book about 10 minutes ago and I'm very impressed. I'm also very tired as it's now after 5am! I will be so very tired today but it is totally worth it!!

I have so many good books that I want to read right now. I keep adding to my collection faster than I'm reading. I've gotten into a bad habit of reading a couple of pages of new books and forgetting which one I wanted to read next. Because of that this novel had been forgotten about until today. When I picked it up again


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