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1. Title:Practical Bifurcation and Stability Analysis

Author: Rüdiger Seydel (auth.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer-Verlag New York




Stacey Review: I've been curious about these bookshots from Patterson. I didn't have any expectations, but a shocking one liner at the end would have been awesome. That didn't happen so not much happens and predictable. This is an episode from the Bachelor.


Seemita Review: [Originally appeared here:]

The world has turned into a cacophony of unrelenting voices, where people in high offices as well as pedestrian consorts battle every day to be one up. The lines have blurred as issues have bulldozed their way, against most conventions, right into our living rooms, and administrative, as well as clandestine, powers are clashing regularly, and vehemently, across continents over the fatal flames of terrorism, corruption, religion


Gary Review: One should not expect the books in the Hourly History series to be definitive volumes on a particular subject. They serve as a biographical or historical overview of the subject of the work. One can then determine if they would like to further research the subject. I’ve read a number of them and recommend them.

"Marquis de Lafayette: A Life from Beginning to End" starts with his birth into an old and distinguished family in France. He becomes the Marquis at the age of 2 following his father’s dea


Cassie Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. When Sheikh Rashid learns that in order to take the thrown he must have a VIRGIN bride, he is sure all is lost. Lacie has been made fun of for being a virgin, but between working and helping her parents, she knows it's unlikely to change anytime soon. One dead cell phone changes everything. Will Lacie agree to his offer? Will Rashid step up and show that he wants more?

Definitely a cute story! I did think that Lacie was a little naive, but I loved the fact that she didn't fall for the enemy's rea


Pree Chan Review: Jake, a single busy business man ex military dad with four year old son, Noah, he lost his wife during their military service and in guilt to move forward in his life. Kristen his secretary a girl from Michigan finds her new life in California away from her old one, volunteers to babysit Jake's son, when his babysitter quits. Kristen always had feelings for Jake but stayed away respecting his decision, but she is very much attached to Noah and vice verse. But seeing this, Jake asks her leave hom


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