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1. Title:Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Spaceship

Author: George Dyson

FileType: epub

Publisher:Henry Holt and Co.





Jessica Review: All she wants is some peace and quiet so that she can finish her knitting! Is that too much to ask?

I feel this grandmother on a deep level.


April Review: “I hear a thousand kind words about me and it makes no difference yet I hear one insult and all confidence shatters - focusing on the negative.”

I've never related to written words as much as reading Rupi Kaur's books.


Kevin Parsons Review: This book is going to be huge since it functions not only as a history of the computer and the internet but as a treatise on innovation and collaboration. I can imagine that it will be required reading for all kinds of people working in all varieties of business.

Unlike his bio of Steve Jobs, which was important as immediate history but was also understandably rushed, Isaacson's new book reads like a labor of love and is much better written, more focused than "Jobs" and is thought provoking on a


Nicole Review: I'm graduating from nursing school in a few short months, so my husband bought this as a Christmas gift for me. He had spoken to a few nurses who highly recommended it, describing it as "touching," "funny," and "wonderful." Between that and the whole "Chicken Soup" thing, I expected it to be more of a feel good experience. Not so much. The stories are fantastic, as the truth usually is, but I sobbed way more than I smiled. I don't regret reading it, and I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy it a


Edwin John Moorhouse Marr Review: Well, I shall start by saying the things I liked about this book. Anne Brontë is still, sadly, such an under-recognised and under-appreciated literary figure, that any attempt to increase her prominence is commendable. Anne was a true feminist pioneer, sassy, independent minded, strong willed, tenacious, intellectual, kind, forgiving, tolerant, patient and moral. She knew her own mind, and forgave others for their shortcomings. She recognised human weakness and frailty, and didn't shy away from


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