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Author: Akiyama I. (ed.)

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✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) Review: ❣ KD is the Cure to All of Life's Problems Buddy Read (KDitCtAoLPBR™) with my dear wife Ange, and the poor IAA souls who have fallen into our deathly KD Surprise Reread Trap (KSRT™).

Last rererereread: July 2016.

Previous rating: 8 stars
New rating: I don't know anymore. Millions of them, probably. Or maybe trillions. Who knows?

» And the moral of this particular rererereread is:

Oh, and also:

Bye now. Things to do, tourists to strangle and all that crap.

• • • •۰° •ิ•۰° •ิ•۰° •ิ•۰° •ิ•۰° •ิ°۰۰°


Dawn Review: One of my favorite childhood books. Loved the words. Automobile. :)


Kayla Review: Marissa Meyer in Interview: (paraphrased)

"Winter decided not to use her Lunar gift. She experiences bad hallucinations and her mental state is deteriorating."


Winter is going to be such an interesting character I'm so excited!

After Reading Cress

So, without too many spoilers, I'm just going to leave this little exchange here:

Winter: "You shouldn't call me crazy. They don't like that."

Other Character: "But you are!"

Winter: "I know that I am. Do you know how I know? Because the walls of t


Mario Review: I actually wobbled between a 3 and a 4 on this one.
Still a rather decent exploration into the universe of Cabal as this time, after having outwitted the devil while running a carnival, and after solving a murder mystery with an old friend/nemesis, the necromancer is commissioned by the titular Fear Institute to actually find and eliminate the very animus of fear. Like... Fear itself.
Anyway, the reason this book gets a 4 rather than a 3 is because, once again, Howard delivers on the wit, the dry


Dd Review:
A short conversation between me and my conscience-





Oh God.Stop reading Visions of Heat for a second.Shouldn't you be writing a review for this book, instead of starting with the next one immediately?

All right!!!

Readers, this is one of the best PNR I have ever read.Excellent writing.Excellent characters.And a world in which you'll lose yourself.If there is anyone who has not yet read it, please do it ASAP!


Huh.Fine, just do not forget that


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