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1. Title:Atomic spectra and radiative transitions

Author: Sobelman I.I.

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Patricia Review: Victor Bayne does not really like change. To handle — without medication — the psychic ability that forces him to see and hear ghosts and their echoes, Vic needs as much routine, blandness and simplicity in his life as he can get. He eschews technology, and its frequent upgrades, as much as he can. And, while he is the one who must interrogate the ghosts of murder victims for the Chicago PD, he gratefully lets his non-psychic partner handle the computer and the paperwork.

However, Vic’s days at C


Wendy Higgins Review: So…Aerity's hair color on the cover is not her hair color in the book. Aerity's hair is actually strawberry blond - a light, golden-hued red. Just wanted you all to know that I do know the difference between red and strawberry blond, so please don't hold it against me, haha. Some things are out of an author's control.

This will be a 2-book duology.

There will be a map in the final book, but it wasn't ready in time for ARC printing. If you're reading an ARC, you can see the maps in this blog post


Bettie☯ Review: Description: From Senator Al Franken - #1 bestselling author and beloved SNL alum - comes the story of an award-winning comedian who decided to run for office and then discovered why award-winning comedians tend not to do that.This is a book about an unlikely campaign that had an even more improbable ending: the closest outcome in history and an unprecedented eight-month recount saga, which is pretty funny in retrospect. It's a book about what happens when the nation's foremost progressive satir


Arelis Uribe Review: Librazo. Julián Herbert escribe maravillosamente bien. No sé qué es ficción y qué es realidad en la novela, pero muchas veces paré de leer y abracé el Kindle pensando: ay, Julián. Con ganas de abrazarlo a él, por su madre, por su talento. Es lo mejor que he leído este año, lejos. Y lo digo con la certeza de que este año ya se acabó.


Fred Forbes Review: As a serious photographer I was drawn to this book since I was familiar with the controversy surrounding her photographs of her children enjoying life on their Virginia farm in the nude. Critics thought the poses of her young children were too suggestive which I thought was a bit ridiculous since the kids were far ahead of the age of even knowing what that means. At any rate, I was really impressed with the quality of the writing at the beginning, less so as the book moved on. I liked the format


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